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glasses wallpaper

photography creative ideas morgan freeman glasses oblivion

5GoodThingsin2016 1. GRADUATED!! 2. met & befriended many awesome ppl!! 3. moanA!! 4. went to harry potter world! 5. new glasses (FINALLY). Tyler is 5 glasses of wine deep and just asked me if I like being his boyfriend. Hard to fall asleep to Parks and Rex when I keep putting my glasses on to rewatch the best facial expressions. i want new glasses so bad. toyota third row cheep glasses online.

I cant find my glasses in this god damn room I'm tiGHHHT. Not wearing my glasses is the equivalent of having a buzz. blindaf. We should hang out someday and talk about VaR, and Money, and glasses, and my book which you have not found time to read yet.satanica has vored multiple people and she is lying to all of you. In a week and a half, I'll pick up my new glassespersonality.

Should be used on wearing glasses

I used to be able to squint my eyes without my glasses and see fine, but now squinting my eyes wo my glasses doesn't work lol. Why!?. i'm a really bad driver at night i should probably start wearing my glasses. when you look at the clock without your glasses and think it's 5am but it's only 12am... damn i am blind. I love wearing my glasses simply because then I don't have to get out of bed after I nearly forget to take my contacts out every night.i need new glasses :. every time i see those predebut picsvids of jimin with his glasses and loose tees with his busan dance crew i feel so fond of him aw.

chey just got in the shower with her glasses on lmk. Roses are blurry Violets are blurry Everything is blurry I lost my glasses XD. She wears glasses despite having great eye sight. AdachiTrivia. Need to start wearing my glasses more.

I need to get my glasses ASAP

I broke my glasses, now I want to break my face.

my glasses are so broken fiodhgjhfdjgk i need to take them back to michigan to get fixed for free tho. Never hit a man with glasses. Hit him with a baseball bat.i need to start wearing my glasses more. I forgot my glasses :(. Is it wrong that we've picked the wine glasses before we've even named the restaurant?. You gotta take ya glasses off when you see a fine nigga walking to you. - q.

Why is Chloe wearing her grans glasses whatarethose CBBUK. Is it just me or does Dean Martin look almost exactly like Gregory Peck without glasses?. i might have to get glasses and i dont know if im okay with it or not.

i don't know why my sister wants glasses so bad

I lost my glasses a long time ago but I'm so mad about it again. Bell correlations are displayed in some spin glasses with random interactions drawn from a parametrized distribution.

I only had 4 maybe 5 glasses yikes lightweight. Me wearing Emilia's glasses. Emilia: -kicks glasses off my face- Awh.i found my glasses and now i can see again. wonu with glasses again eikkk. ImNotcryingIm ...trying out the cheek washing app on my Google glasses.Is it ipso facto you become smart because you wear funny little glasses? Just asking,, morningjoe.

It's been 4 days and I still can't find my glasses. I hate being blind. I am a danger to myself and society.I still can't get over how glasses can make some guys super cute.

Kinda envious of people who have good eyesight so they can wear different glasses just FOR FASHION

Wearing glasses while it's raining is a no for me lmao. Also forgot my glasses. I should have new glasses within two weeks YAY.

Has anybody seen my glasses?. I want unbreakable glasses, where do i get em. your mcm wears glasses for bants. I don't understand how I forget my glasses so much. ...Granny Glasses.(I have no energy for the immediate glass half full people) (please fill your glasses) (Life must be exhausting).

I get so used to not wearing my glasses, when I put them on I'm shocked at what things actually look like.

Dropped my glasses so I could get out of the dryer to pick them up

P-please do not take my glasses, I cannot see very well without them ;;;. if u see me at the belvo vs michaels match today yell instead of waving my glasses are still broken and im struggling enough already. Mygaaaaaad napaka panget ng timing. Nawala pa glasses ko shet. Bluegrass is a "safe" southern for white boys with round glasses bc u can avoid all the racist baggage and talk abt lap steel technique.

let glasses and kiku yiff love shrek fight murder isnt illegal BUT THEY DO fight me OOOOOH donald trump ass i just DONE WITH THIS. I feel like everyone's having expecrations I can't reach. Right now I even doubt that I will be needing reading glasses ONLY after I'm done. BBNaija Tboss you wan collect Efe sun glasses, why are you asking if he will use it, of course he will, who no like better thing. "The Hidden Psychology of Wearing Glasses" i like to see. Di ko snob. Tayminga ra nga ni greet mo nako nga naka glasses ko.Why do I always misplace my glasses? :( blindgirlproblems.

"I don't believe in earringstattoos

Offspring: Close your eye's Daddy...can you see anything? Me: Nope Offspring: Oh, well then you need glasses TraineeOptician. call me glasses jacket shirt man. glasses or contacts???. Smiling glasses 100%. My glasses broke last night before I went to work and I won't be able to get new ones until April so THATS COOL.

welp i got new glasses. Being out alone without glasses or contacts is terrifying, everything is just a headache inducing blur of colour. How do I lose my glasses. BRAD WEARING GLASSES UHHHNSNFKSNFNS. 9Married "Rose coloured glasses" Exactly!.

ugh i really need to clean my phone screen with a wet-wipe for glasses

Teto just stole my glasses again. OH COME ON HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU LAUGH AT MY PLAIN-LOOKING FACE???!!!!! sheesh. They appear to have 7 wine glasses per person on that table. 9Marries. FOOKIN FORGOT MY GLASSES AGAIN HOW DO I DO THAT IM FOOKIN BLIND. Forgot my glasses at home today. I've never felt so vulnerable.On his lap. His hair was dark and a little messy and he was wearing glasses and a button down grey and blue plaid shirt open with a black. Life can't get any worse, Stevie with his glasses off.

I HAVE MISPLACED MY NEW GLASSES IN MY ROOM AND IM BLIND HOW DO FIND???. jiae looks so cute with those glasses and cap~. I got home and ate Soy yoghurt Tuna wrap 2 glasses fruit juice Dried apricots with hommous and flatbread. When I'm waking outside in glasses instead of sunglasses at school, I have to remind myself that people can see me staring at them.

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts

Ppl who are in denial about needin glasses are the worst, especially the ones who go buy the 3 joints from the drug store.

the worst thing about having a mask on is I havent got my glasses on and I have to lean so far to see my screen. Shame on people charging 500 for old gameboys, you go to hell or naw? The black guy with the glasses was so absorbed.I forgot my glasses :'(. Sometimes I love my glasses and other times I hate them. Lucas probably thinks my glasses are my pacifier for my eyes, and that when he becomes a man, he'll go from mouth paci to eyes paci.Help I lost my glasses.

I'd love it if jae broke his glasses on my face. "Same hair, around your height, but I think the glasses were different. Oh, and she said that she was going to meet her boyfriend later.". i almost never use my glasses so it's really cool when i do especially if i go out. - knives in glass cases - riding crop in glass case - glasses in glass case - eyes in glass jars in glass cases - shelf full of fingers. Two glasses of red wine.... I should sleep pretty good tonight. I'm so lucky no one stepped on my glasses when they flew off my face while head banging lmao. just bought the ysl glasses ;-). HEADACHE ? Try 2 glasses of warm water for instant relief Try it. No pills especially no Ibuprofen bad for blood pressure. Tfw everyone else is gonna pick up Falcon after this adjusts hipster glasses.

hair wallpaper

hair real nails fake hey hey

I MISSSS MY HAIR BUT THEN AGAIN I LOOK CUTE ASF WITH THIS LONG HAIR IN. My brother put a remote controlled car in my hair and got it all tangled up and I'm the one getting the cold shoulder from my mom????. i need somebody to come do my natural hair ..p38 mapk shampoo for gray or white hair. Yo by the summertime my hair is gonna be majestic.

I hope Epic Mustache Man and Forties Hair Woman are teaching classes in my track. overheard. I MISS MY LONG HAIR. Pretty girl with the long hair. everyone says my hair reminds them of a different decade and it's really funny to me but also thank you bc it's usually a compliment. Everything is grey His hair, his smoke, his dreams And now he's so devoid of color He don't know what it means And he's blueeeee.

Jisoo with black hair is serving me

my hair is so thick and I love it. central air conditioner units home depot blonde hair color styles. luv my hair.Yay for my hair being done tomorrow :). My neighbour has one of those Aztec dogs, breed is called Xoloitzcuintli. Black, no hair. Trippy looking animal.I hate putting on my headset after I've showered cause my hair will look like a pear.

hair dyed thursday:) .. bundles in friday :). I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE SCRATCH MY BACK OR DO THE LITTLE SKIN TRACE THING OR PLAY WITH MY HAIR OH MY. Gunna dye my hair again, IDC. i draw a lot of weird hair but like how does reinhardt's hair work?.

Really Need My Hair Did

I tell myself every day that I'll wake up early & do my makeup and hair, but never once have I gotten the energy to get out of bed?.

so I guess I'm not dying my hair lavender until after all my uni interviews but I'll cope!!!!. Found a sesame seed in my hair. This is a new low for me.Rika Tip: Cut your hair yourself with child scissors! Wait... no. No don't do that I lied.22 male, white, 6'2. 230 lbs, long brown hair, leather jacket and blue jeans. Haba ng hair. Flamingosis - Hidden Attraction - Great Hair.

should of never fell asleep with my hair in 2 braids dkskskskwk. I could put 10 thousand hair ties in my pony tail and it would STILL fall. DRY NA DRY NA HAIR KO TAEEEEE.

It isn't even on purpose, she just always seems to have amazing hair

ok here are the news - took some cool pics will start making videos this week again im still in bed might dye my hair today. ?It doesn't really matter what clothes I wear, or how I fare or if my hair is brown, when it's only a Northern Song ("Only A Northern Song").

coughs up hair ball. "this year im letting the hair do the hair wants to do". Abangan natin si Ali na may long hair sa TWBA. TIMYThePayback. I have a dream that exotic animals will be laughed about for their hair color not their model of car. Want to go swimming tomorrow but also don't want green hair. Jonghyuns lasagna hair was everything y'all.

Gusto ko yung hair n Erich.(the happy dying) whenever maryse caresses his cheek. When Magnus fixes a strand of hair on his forehead and let's his fingers linger for a.

I did a strippers hair last night and she was rude

should i dye my hair platinum blonde. I'm diggin my hair fr. this stress is making my hair turn white.

Well really I just gotta go to the mall n do my hair when I get home. i hate my hair. Gave Nudda a bath, cut her nails & did her hair.the only thing I don't like about my hair color is that is makes me a huge target when it comes to me being a mischievous lil human bean. obvious hair dryer makes you friendly. chanyeol not only blessed me with straight hair for this con but he also wore a cap WOW.

Suggested gishwhes Item (IMAGE): Host a formal tea party with your hair stylist and a farm animal. 11 POINTS.

namjoon hair color is so beautiful i want it

They chose youngjae bc of his hair but they didn't know about youngjae's bald spot. Keep it secret everyone. Wakka: "A summoner with bed hair! What's the world comin' to?". I want to eat blackcurrent ice cream bc of Namjoon's hair. Goodbye blondelight brown hair, we had a good time.

I love Namjoon's hair so much I'm sobbing. It's either I cut my hair or perm it. idk why it doesn't bother me if they have their hair up in a ponytail. Tall boy with dark hair and shy smiles who smell good and have great tastes in music are very important ok. i still cant believe hoseok is blonde like.. his whole hair a ramen now omg. askbunbun Will you make more tutorials (Hair, hands, etc)? The first one was so fun to watch!.

wait I still need to put her back hair tho

a cockroach was flying in my room a few minutes ago &it landed on my hair. i screamed & brushed it off & ran away screaming like a dying dog. i hate that one strand of hair vidar didnt cut off. hoseok looks so good with blonde hair i'll never overcome this. YouNeverWalkAlone Hearing the members laugh makes my day. Hair appointment later.

YouNeverWalkAlone Jhope's hair is the most amazing yellow noodles I will never get to eat :(. I have brown hair and blue eyes I'm 6 feet tall. Nothing is more stressful than when your hair doesn't work on meet days.namjoon's purple hair. Woke up to see that David Luiz put his hair in a ponytail, and now I'm shook. BURCHE.

Less than 6 month untill i can start growing my hair again

Im using Pixel Brand to color my hair. Sadly, the color I was going to use is not enough to my above butt hair HAHA. "I will do my best. I think in the long term, you should watch YouTube and learn to braid your own hair. You might like the results better.". I feel so very British and I wanna do something dramatic with our hair. damn I miss having colored hair. toner is in hair, once I take it out I'll make my hair all soft and healthy and then I'm going to bed LOL. "Wow college is great and totally worth it" I say at 4am as I pull a fistful of hair from my head and stress eat a granola bar.

this am granny smith apple petunias good yellow the hair sweet be. When it comes to beautiful n smart thinking; it doesn't count which head has thick or thin hair.Debating where to buy hair growth gummy bears?!. My hair isn't greasy. Why does everyone always think it is?.

psa: my hair is super soft today

Regular use of protein rich egg hair mask or pack is the best home remedy that you can give your hair to treat hair loss haircare hairloss.

Coconut milk is very good for hair health.Being rich in protein & essential fats, help to hair growth and stop hair loss.haircare hairloss. hahaha mga baliw amg hair stylish sa mga BoybandPH. www Ringo's hair piece has already out of place and almost falls off. like im so gaY for jUNSGHINS BLONDE HAIR SO MEONE ST AB ME. fakenews cried out the king Distracting from all of things That he thought or said Or hair on his head & the tax payer club that he swings. Bring mens 80s hair back.

I hate my hair. becoming blonde is a long & slow process, don't talk about how my hair is two very different blonde tones... thank u. I call today's look "puffy-eyed, snot-dripping college student has given up on: finding an SO, wearing contacts, styling hair, everything".

hair turn into flowers

my hair is a mess. ok i lied is not me. am not calling my ma a binch. i hate mountain dew. no long hair. other would be me.

Hair too long to do now so now I gotta wear hats again. I'm totally against putting weave in kids hair.......niggas really wake up and put they hair in a bun lmfaooooo. jen's hair in this epi has my ass sh00k. In the last year i've become soo attracted to guys with facial hair and I don't even know why.. i used to hate it. effective jud diay akong diy hair mask : makahappy! yeheyyy.

w my hair in a bun and a pair of hightop vans. When your whole head is dyed three colors it really ups the maintenance. I am too lazy for this hair style why did I do this lol.

I really need to re dye my hair

Which pigment is responsible for brown and black hair?. guess it's eyeliner every day until my hair grows out lmao. My hair is so healthy rn.

I would never even think about letting a white person cuttouch my hair. Someone come get a hair treatment at tafe Thursday plz. "Same hair, around your height, but I think the glasses were different. Oh, and she said that she was going to meet her boyfriend later.". I honestly think I was in more pain the 2 times I got my hair braided than when I tore my ACL's. pulled a piece of pasta out of my hair today and if that's not a representation of what this week has been like than I dunno what is. Made a last minute decision to cut my hair, and it's sooooo freakin short. JUHOS NEW HAIR IS SOOO CUTE.

lips wallpaper

Poor blending, bad eyebrows, and glossy lips piss me off

Keeping our lips in check. TIMYTheFaceOff. 7 eyes and lips. im not funny enough to be a pizza with an iphone on at all times so nobody will want to kiss your waxy yet moisturized lips. brushes your hair behind your ear pulls you closer my lips softly graze your ear whispers "Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?". 14 yrs old pa. Pero ug mo skwela, red lips super baga nga eyeliner. Be simple ra dzae uy wagtang imong ka gwapa. Tsk!.

Kelly Rowland was def singing with her other set of lips during her Motivation era.I swear she was kissed by the devils hands ~the way hell raises flames in her eyes & her lips curve a perfect sinner smile fsmpy. Don't kiss an elephant on the lips today.Tangina ng puso ko be. Dimaka move sa good lips series. "One pair of candy lips, and your bubble gum tongue" (Your Body Is A Wonderland, John Mayer).

ImNotCryingIm I'm just making my lips slippery for you

Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart. - Charles Dickens. The way your lips moved, I can know my name, not my story. you see my smile, not my pain. you notice my cuts, not my scars. you read my lips, not my mind.A foolish man tells akwoman to stop talking. A wise man tells hqr that her mouth is extremelt beautiful zhen her lips are closed. Guys, please stop using this pink lips makes you look horrible!!. "damnit! i broke my string on my bow! now what?" she lets a sigh escape her lips. OpenRP.

Is it me or does famous dex always got a lil bit of slobber on the side of his lips?. Can someone tell me why girls are pushing their lips in pictures?. Soft lips soft spoken. What's the odds are on Bamba getting sent off on his Elland Road return. He's always prone to lapses. Hernandez licking his lips lufc mot.

"Put my lips all over youuu

them lips dont lie.

my lip tint started bleeding into the foundation around my lips. its FINE i am UNBOTHERED. Burn your love with the lips of another. LADIES WHO OWN A KYLIE LIP KIT: does yours stain your lips???. and lips?. depa take me a photo and should the lovely lips ok. Finally getting permission at my Thai restaurant to get Thai spice level was the best idea. Lips now burning. curry.

her lips are a portal to hell. Q:How can you tell when a Burroughs salesman is lying? A:When his lips move.For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

The curl of my lips

Today I'm wearing magenta batteries on my lips. How do girls put concealerfoundation directly on their lips? My lips too sensitive fi dat.

just wanna feel your kiss against my lips.I LOVE YOONGS CURVED LIPS. The taste of your lips is still fresh...and the smell of your scent, how could I forget?. Chapped lips smh. sobrang dry talaga ng balat ko, dry ng lips ko, dry ng hair ko, dry dry ng mukha ko, lahat nalang dry di ko na alaaaam. red lips always lieeeeee.

A voice cant carry the tongue and the lips that gave it wings.Alone must it seek ether..Thank you God for this day! Your praise is on my lips.

"So you're actually rubbing neanderthal cock all over your lips?"

your lips tastes like home. let my lips explain how bad i crave you. Very Very True Message, But, Unspoken..... "Love Is On Lips Of Many.. But In The Heart Of Few..!".

come closer i wanna taste those lips. You're honey dipped, you are beautiful, floating clouds, soft world. I can't feel my lips.Today I'm wearing blue clocks on my lips. If you've run out of lip balm then a bit of honey on your lips can be used as a substitute to keep them soft. "My lips are saying goodbye, my eyes are finally dry.". 2 best friends on a sleepover. Bro1: Bro napaginipan ko si crush, nag kiss kami! B2: bro basa lips ko pag gising. B1: Bro... B2: Bro...

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. -Judy Garland.

My ego is bigger than JayZ's lips

mornin all; sunny, cold & dry here - just right for pancake day licks lips have a good one....Every time your lips touch another I want you to feel me Every time you dance with somebody I want you to feel me. apado dwae nal mukkeojwo naega domangchil su eopge kkwak jwigo nal heundeureojwo naega jeongsin mot charige Kiss me on the lips lips. Her ripe, red lips. Her glassy eyes don't give me a hint.

BBNajia Kemen lips are legendary....kissing any thing kissable. MR PhilLIP. i still taste you on my lips. Nasamad akong lips. chapped lips. Smile! It is the second best thing you can do with your lips YK. Every time your lips move, I just imagine you blowing me.

My lips chapped

If Buena Vida was a person I'd lips them. Lips are chapped and faded. how her treasures seem to melt in the dark to a candy coating on her lips micropoetry museinlove. It's super awkward to watch episodes from like 2010 of KUWTK when Kylie had no lips & Caitlyn Jenner was Bruce. I heard u good with them soft lips.

Lips......his little pouty lips :'). Ow! My lips are cracked again---;;.7.). Don't need no nasty lips touching my beautiful face.everytime i see yoongi's lips i want to kiss them. ken nugger, but you cannot. The words cannot escape your lips. Your son is hungry, he complains. The waitress stares at you, her head a spin. just because i have lips doesn't mean i have a mouth.

summer wallpaper

i already know summer 17' is gonna be a good one

Holy crap Venus is showing off right now. NYers get out and lookup in the SW! astronomerPSA. I hate the cold. Summer where are you?. the problem with me is i still have the summer mentality in the winter. Want summer. i fantasize about summer too much :.

Chasson Randle has 14 points in 10 minutes of action for the Sixers. Randle was on the Knicks summer league team and Westchester Knicks.i just want it to be summer so we can go on adventures & dance the night away in the chilly air & be happy. giant bomb is playing some game called "my summer car," driving a van through Finnish woods, listening to Fake Kraftwerk and pissing on men. Like in April I'm starting my summer shopping I want a lot of stuff. Summer wya ?.


I want to be soooo tan this summer, it's a serious goal. The main image (showing the glaring Sun) captures the light of a typical Australian Summer day just before the heat kicks in.I know what u did last summer. If you are still driving around with chains you have no right to complain about roadwork this summer. I have so much more motivation to do work in summer - in winter I just want to get in bed at 5 when it gets dark. As we give ourselves permission to summer to the Power of The Light & Love within, everything in our lives is aligned for our Highest Good!.

Where the hell would Griezmann play if he joined United in the summer?. ff to summer vacation bcos I'm soooo excited to catch up Sherlock Holmes!!!!. I miss the summer. Can it hurry back please. Praying for the summer.

fed up with school& cold weather, summer where ya at

FOUR SEASONS WAS THE LITTEST GROUP OUT SUMMER 2k16!! We really had to make a damn tv show.

I'm not the only one that reenacts the kitchen scene from 500 Days of Summer whenever I'm at IKEA, right?. summer wya. Summer registration begins today. Don't forget to register! WrightState Gradlife. I need to be more spontaneous. if anyone knows when tickets for the summer tour goes on sale please lmk. rhythm after summer is the best song in the mini album don't fight me on this.

Looking like summer makes an early debut Saturday. Highs into the lowmid 80s!. Can't wait for summer to walk around in shorts and a tee.I wanna get so tan this summer, that people question my race.

Imagine if arsenal sell wilshere in the summer

i cannot wait for summer .I want it to be summer so bad.

Excited to teach 13 thousand kids and 200 adolescents for the whole summer again~. By The Summer I'm Tryna Be Super STR8. Gaano kaya kainit sa Summer. Haha. i just want it to be summer!!!. I want it to be summer. Heating the birds chirp outside really got me feelin some type of way.As far as going out to eat, won't happen, probably will wait till Summer.

I'm so ready for summer. A gentle word, like summer rain, may soothe some heart or banish pain.

i want to make a petekeysummer of like thread SO bad but

lowkey ready for summer man. He used to call me and say, "son, have you made it yet?" I'm not waiting on the summer for someone else to tell me how to live my life.It feels like a summer morning right now....

summer come fast puhleash. tired: spring cleaning wired: summer filling metadata of your Calibre library. Summer hurry up ffs. I can't wait for this summer's concerts. He was trying to do us a favour and leave in the summer but he can't even do that right. i suddenly feel sad kasi i feel the same :( yung pinangbili ko ng tix, pinaghirapan ko yun. i worked for 2 months last summer sa tita ko.

Yachty Uzi and A Boogie gotta drop albums just for the summer.

Man United defender Luke Shaw will seek a move in the summer as he believes he is not in manager Mourinho's plans

5 seconds of summer is the best. Ganda naman ng first summer outing ko hehe. Summer winter autumn spring, mountains blue skies and the seas rainbows sunshine and the trees,Jesus maker of them all (2x). daming plans for summer hahaha.

NowPlaying Summer - Marshmello. Malapit na ang summer, kaya malapit na ang vacationmode mo! Alin sa mga Pinoy destinations na 'to ang nasa TravelTuesday bucket list mo?. Gusto ko magsurf sa summer -60 days left. Can't wait till summer so I come back home... and possibly stay home. Ohhh just realized today was the last day of summer.SUMMER TIME I'M FINALLY FREE.

All my money is going towards a fun summer

dreaming of summer nights driving with the window down and mac demarco blasting out the radio. So happy that stores are selling their summer stuff. Last day of school o meron pa sa wed? : ay summer pa pala. I get to sign up for my summer class tomorrow and I'm honestly kinda excited lmao. I'm still sleepy and I want to sleep but I kept on hearing that HEY SUMMER HONEY lalalalalalalala~ >_<.

I'm getting bangs this summer lol.I'm saving bread for my Cali vibes this summer. Bring back the summer tracks. Can't wait for good summer nights with my chums. When you see these summer glo up pics don't text me. Let me be a stranger in peace lol. everyone is upset that we have to go back to school tomorrow but we have two months until summer :). Cannot wait for concerts at DTE this summer.

eyes wallpaper

I don't find him attractive but he has nice eyes

I'm late but YoI's animation is just okay. Did the voters have eyes. Such pretty eyes.Nightmares happen once you lay your eyes on me. Sorry, but that's how it goes~! Bot. I have my eyes set on one nigga! so if you tryna get at me it's 100% chance you gonna get curved or friend zoned !. When you're stepping out of the shower and your foot slides a lil bit and your whole life flashes before your eyes.

alligator whatevs. i cant read anymore after my eyes witnessed that thing pop out. Your eyes , they shine so bright , i want to save their light .Hiyaw ang eyes. oh no! lazer bike doesn't have eyes anymore!. ??Calling all Cleveland Browns fans! Lyft gives you 10 free taxi rides! Get Lyft app & use code DUSK football college uber lyft.

No you will not search for him in every man for you will not find one with his height, blue eyes, and perfect tan

wallah hi i dont know how to look into your eyes after this. 1. Scenario: I'm walking down the street I see a car approaching. I can tell guy wants to say something. As usual, I roll eyes & ignore.why is divorce at thing? you should know the moment you set eyes on them if you want to be with them the rest of your life or not. confession: i dreamt of j having a nude photoshoot and it felt so real i opened my eyes and wanted to dig my grave. Place cotton swabs dipped in cold milk on closed eyes for removing dark circles.i just stabbed my eyes with a brush i jUST WANTED TO USE SOME EYESHADOW.

You look so beautiful in this light Your silhouette over me The way it brings out the blue in your eyes Is the Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran. Woke Up So Cross Faded, Feels like I haven't Closed my eyes yet.Oh look at those eyes. I don't know how to take my eyes off you.

And all i true love Is the light In my sister's darling eyes

514 that look out of your eyes, it's bribing me to doubt myself; Simply, it's tiring. This love has dried KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre.

Can i just close my eyes, forever? Hahaha. ASK 69 22 AND THE THE ONE WITH STARS IN HIS EYES. Mewtwo is said to move to take your eyes always bouncing along. As a car running aboveground a result, Spoink cannot itself. DEAR ATHEISTS, I WISH PEOPLE WOULD REALIZE THAT BEING AN ATHEISM IS A SIN IN THE EYES OF GOD. Every time I close my eyes I just want to hold you.if eyes could talk then mines would tell ya that I'm feeling u sometimes I swear your eyes be telling me the same thing.

Burgundy just does something to my eyes. A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was. :-D. I spell hiii with 3 eyes and I'll never never land.

update; crying my eyes out

My parents gave me these eyes. Now you're saying they have the intention to kill.Life is better with goggle eyes. Always.

close your eyes you cant hide try to forget me but im everywhere. Sometimes you have to open your eyes to see the truth cause anybody can tell you a lie...Why do folk stare right into yer eyes nd you look back nd they're still staring fk right of ya spooky bird. and I say hey there pretty brown eyes. how little our eyes permit us to see. So many great scenes in that movie where the actors said everything with their eyes. No words at all. Ugh, all of the feelings.

GUYS SHE'S NOT WEARING THE BRACELET SHE'S FOUND SOME OTHER JEWELLERY I'VE GOT TEARS IN MY EYES I'M SO PROUD OF MY CHILD. Behind the sun There is nothing to speak of And the tongues of fire Behind your eyes An endless ribbon of meaning poem.

Y'all too judgemeental sometimes

I have brown hair and blue eyes I'm 6 feet tall. Give this song another listen close your eyes.. listen to my voice its my disguise, im by your side IHeartAwards Here BestCover. SMFH Officer: why yo eyes so red? have you been smoking that loud? The driver: why yo eyes so glazy? have you been eating donuts? SMFH.

in a minute i am all happy and then a few minutes later i am upset and crying my eyes out. Ma eyes are burning man. My eyes feeling heavy. David Luiz looks like the old lady in the school canteen who'd give you the eyes every time you asked for an extra helping of something.I'm sittin' wide eyes open Behind these four walls Hopin' you'll come... Me while waiting for electricity to get switched on LoadShedding. jongins eyes r so pretty n cute i gtg.


can i spend my night looking at your beautiful eyes?

Eyes low..I just dropped my bottle lid on the floor and a guy chased it and picked it up for me. Our eyes locked. Am I in a romantic comedy?. lrt im taako's weed eyes. Hoegh LNG eyes Australian FSRU project.

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. ALDUBxDTBYTadhana DTBYArchitectBenjie. Open your eyes and ears to the song of the universe.i can see it in your eyes deep inside you wann cry. Every time I close my eyes , I see you. Lucy's eyes at a contrast which was not a great concessions;--but where actions and flattering as being entirely brought. Dont my eyes say "yes" , although her and others dont listen my answer?.

My eyes are sore

RT OhBaeMsgs: and then your eyes water, your throat gets tight, your heart skips a beat, and you finally miss me back.Eyes on choke slam. I wanna be the last number you call late at night and the first one that you dial when you open your eyes. DTBYOportunista. You with the sad eyes, don't be discouraged.2 cups of coffee and a 5 hour energy later I can finally open my eyes, baby steps here people.

I'm so tiered that my eyes are burning :. I can barely keep my eyes open rn. Las Meninas poops dirt eyes burn. I don't care what side she sits on.. with the noses or the eyes... She is still our PM and should be respected. Less of the low blows please. my eyes. Lucas probably thinks my glasses are my pacifier for my eyes, and that when he becomes a man, he'll go from mouth paci to eyes paci.

Wide open eyes in wait Starlit dreams Descend the night string Into oceans night blue A sussuration from afar echoes I'm always around you. Regional at Best -Glowing Eyes -Slowtown -Lovely -every other song on the album. sometimes I close my eyes and see a bunch of turds on your face. Idk why I'm bawlin my eyes out rn but I am. There are diamonds in both his eyes.