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profile wallpaper

What makes a guy on FB look at my profile & think "wow she looks like she cares & wants to have small talk via pm" NO NOT ME IDC. I judge everytime I open my own profile.

eyes wallpaper

Open your eyes, see what you have

The perfect bf : - jaw lines - veins - blue eyes - back muscles - abs - tattoos. I just wanna travel everywhere and see life through everyone's eyes and visit places all over the worlddddd. Before I had I closed my eyes and imagined. He looked at me With knowing eyes Picked a canvas from the back there by his side With every stroke He brought to life. New music video out tomorrow.. keep yer eyes peeled.

brundy in her alice band is not a sight for a sore eyes. see through his eyes what he sees.". NowPlaying Dusty Springfield - I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten. I spy with my little eyes. my eyes r rly sore but i'm still about to watch prison break hence staring at a laptop screen bc i'm smart. Look at me in the eyes and tell me what I am. The whole time with their eyes wide open, they never saw me.All eyes are on the Niners next year."She asked me about love and all i talked about was heartbreak, she instantly knew what happened with my eyes drowning from tears.".

background wallpaper

Of all the shows to have on as background noise, Narcos is not the one nocomprendePablo. slo5yo I saw johnbercow throwing a tantrum in the background. He was wearing a dress too.right now you're in a dream. a bio of a background character from the novel you're currently reading is your real life. who is it?. Gonna start a career in posing with music in the background, and the dog filter on, on my Snapchat story.

hair wallpaper

I like my short hair cause it makes head banging 10x more fun

Y'all..if your hair is burnt to hell.. STOP PUTTING CHEMICALS ON IT!! You can't do that and be mad your hair is breaking off.Next time I have a hair appt, I'm chopping my hair off & idc.I haven't had my hair this short in kinda breaks my heart. Welp I'm ready for long hair again. I NEED MY HAIR DNE REALLY BAD TWIST OR BRAIDS...WHO HAS OPENINGS??.

This why I hate trying out new weave hair. This front something terrible.kiara just wait till spring break bc if u change your hair now. Stream should be at like 830? I'm getting my hair trimmed and starting stream after :). Clinton -BEST SAX SOLOS EVER - he's so underrated - i love him so much - his hair is nice -his face is too. I regret cutting my hair so much like I hate it now I miss my long pretty hair wtf!!!.

Q:What do you call 15 blondes in a circle? A:A dope ring

PS my hair looks bad so I apologize X_X. I hate my new hair. "Stop stressing yourself out over me. Im not worth it." I huff before pecking your temple gently, smoothing out your hair.I have a dream that exotic animals will be laughed about for their hair color not their model of car. Want to go swimming tomorrow but also don't want green hair. Jonghyuns lasagna hair was everything y'all.

Julian Casablancas kid got a hitler hair cut and stopped wearing his leather jacket RIP. Head full of hair but the cat well groomed. im thinking bout cutting my hair after prom. I really want to be irrational and dye my hair blond. I'm so done with long hair. It's such high maintenance and I can't be bothered with it. It's so annoying and I just really want short mom was mad at me and she goes "your hair looks very cute today. i'm not saying anything else to you.". This rain is not cooperating with my hair. If it don't lay It ain't baby hair it's broken edges lord help these hoes. Hair appointment tomorrow ..

face wallpaper

One day IMA run to one of your car and stab you in the face

Damn coward flipping me off from your car, say it to my face please lol. im actually showing my whole face in my profile pic cool. Ella's mortal playing 8 ball pool about an inch from her face. Two of the most disrespectful things to do to someone: spit on them, and blow smoke in their face.I have no clue how John Lynch will do evaluating players, but this dude seems like the perfect faceattitude to rebuild this history. 49ers.

If I ever have kids, im naming my first one Sterling. Sterling Berling has got to be the coolest name ever. Kid could face NASCAR too!. Clinton -BEST SAX SOLOS EVER - he's so underrated - i love him so much - his hair is nice -his face is too. Horse face ass couldn't complete with me on my worst day don't try it.Im so not ready to see your face. One time I slapped a kid in the face when I was in 6th grade and I still feel really bad about it:. A smile on his face Hides a thousand thoughts A smile wipes any trace Of sadness or doubt. HappyBirthdayTomHiddleston.

Preciso tirar umas pessoas do meu face,SOS. walked into a person with my damn face while leaving the restroom n was hella embarrassed. The smile on your face the only think I can't read!. i have 2 face scars why are ppl not swooning over me every time i look at them. I am so happy that face off is back!!. Watched a beauty video on FB telling me to put turmeric on my face to reduce puffiness Spent 30min scrubbing my bright orange face.