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blackberry wallpaper

oh no my BlackBerry's whatsapp is finally defunct I need a new phone

oh no my BlackBerry's whatsapp is finally defunt I need a new phone. Gusto ko talaga ng Blackberry na pang text. Tagal pa malowbat yung ganun can gonorrhea be transmitted blackberry stock quote. But God can't be rushed, and now I notice the markers in time for WHEN I can say something will happen.Dunia terasa lebih damai ketika blackberry masih hanya nama buah, dan smash hanya jenis pukulan dlm bulutangkis.

kevin hummel blackberry limited. In terms of the technology I use the most, its probably a tie between my Blackberry and my MacBook Pro laptop. Thats how I. BlackBerry_Mama : Work BestMusicVideo iHeartAwards. I have learned to relax a bit in my seeing. Most of the time what I see is a week 2 in advance, up to a month. Depending on who I'm seeing.In honor of the day, I'm doing my MATH early, so I'll know WHAT to look out for. I'm usually a day -1 on the Hebrew calendar. Inauguration.

janLinggawan Hai, terkait cara ganti paket Blacberry, silakan infokan type Blackberry yang digunakan dan paket mana yang dipilih

20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare January 20, 2017 at 09:00AM. Dunia terasa lebih damai ketika blackberry masih hanya nama buah, dan smash hanya jenis pukulan dlm bulutangkis. PrayForGaza. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare January 20, 2017 at 09:00AM. Just gimme the blackberry martini and a burger.Bramble radiobroadcaster blackberry a otiose replacing hiring: CmBhyfbhM. Hasta un perro sordo te hace mas caso que un amigo con BlackBerry.

Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN. As a Blackberry owner, I keep getting messages from WhatsApp to get a new phone so I can keep using the App. Don't be stupid WhatsApp!!. I've mistaken the comment. It's only for windows now. voidjar for win d-long-men for ARM BlackBerry iPad. Kalau ade bis lagi gentle aku pakai balik blackberry.


MissUniverse Nicaragua se acuerdan cuando los blackberry estaban de moda jaja.

Complete meltdown yesterday, My sanity, my dignity and my old blackberry took the brunt. only the later I can fix today! hurting. I'm using a blackberry and wow life is sour without emoticons. Yahoo reminds me. What is Blackberry up to these days?. Garry Klassen, pencetus aplikasi Blackberry Messenger (BBM) sama sekali tak berlatar blkang IT, melainkan lulusan jurusan Geologi.80's heartthrobs, where are they missing out on Blackberry!. call me on my blackberry.

sonhei q troquei meu cel por um blackberry fiquei bem triste. I wanna get the new Blackberry Mercury when it's out. A hard corn bagel, underneath too much suspicious blackberry jam, served with a hurtful comment.

Looking forward to tomorrow

Blackberry. Pardon. SC Johnson WAX Can't forget THAT important fact. The Illuminate.

10 The UWS is the only neighborhood of NYC I've ever lived that issues "riders" alongside the main rental agreement. Little known fact.26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 03, 2017 at 10:01AM. 4 Never get slick with God. He was there when it happened & what everyone said & did was recorded word for word. There's a man for that.20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 03, 2017 at 10:00AM. This is one of those moments I wish I had a blackberry so I could PING! A hoe. SELLING DIMES OFF THE BLACKBERRY DIQUE.

Early 2000s you was that nigga if you had a chirp, sidekick or BlackBerry. my lunar new years broadcast so I have to a blackberry so idk whats gonna happen to a blackberry so they can take pics of u.

20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 05, 2017 at 06:30PM

26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 05, 2017 at 06:30PM. Y0ur MCM's Blackberry Curve butt0ns have started again. This h0w his messages t0 y0u l00k 0f late.Making Blackberry jam, should I seive the seeds out or not ?.

Can ordinary data plans work on blackberry. Making my own BBQ sauce. Using blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar. Your fav uncle with the missing strap in his chancletas could never. I've mistaken the comment. It's only for windows now. voidjar for win d-long-men for ARM BlackBerry iPad RT. Encryption mobile phone - Blackberry PGP, Blackberry SMIME, , Iphone SMIME or Android SMIME with Hidden DNS, Close Network. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 05, 2017 at 08:15PM. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 05, 2017 at 08:15PM.

Sunday lol at how much I loved blackberry's back in the day xox.

Me he registrado en la nueva red social para BlackBerry =)

forgotten80s phew, blackberry world klaxon at last. Is Blackberry World still a thing? forgotten80s. Katanya: Berry Thumb, adalah istilah untuk cedera pada jempol yang terjadi akibat penggunaan keyboard Blackberry secara terus menerus.WOWFAKTA: Berry Thumb, adalah istilah untuk cedera pada jempol yang terjadi akibat penggunaan keyboard Blackberry secara terus menerus.

Berry Thumb, adalah istilah untuk cedera pada jempol yang terjadi akibat penggunaan keyboard Blackberry secara terus menerus.26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 06, 2017 at 02:00PM. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 06, 2017 at 02:00PM. I had a dream I was famous, had a blackberry, & was getting whisky poured on my NoT so real tits. I can say it was basically not a dream. Me resigne a volver al BlackBerry. I had many times to get a blackberry phone but there's more important stuff I gotta buy in life and a 200 phone isn't important enough.

26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 11, 2017 at 04:00PM

20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 11, 2017 at 04:00PM. If I could afford a blackberry I would've been having one. How many of our followers use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? Comment if you use this service!. Hirap gamitin ng BlackBerry. :((. I have videos that FB, BlackBerry, YouTube and many other platforms won't allow me to post.... how free am I???.

Yall why didnt nobody tell me raspberryBlackBerry seeds are so goshdarn BIG Like bigger than strawberry seeds smoothie. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 12, 2017 at 07:45AM. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 12, 2017 at 07:45AM. Nowplaying Survive Your Life - Nona Reeves (Blackberry Jam). Guy in airport sees me using a blackberry...asks if I work for the gov't. smartphoneofshame.

remember how they wouldn't even let obama keep his blackberry?

Life is good, that tends to happen when a religion is that people exclusively used Blackberry phones.Blackberry Serrano yogurt is a thing. I was not prepared for spicy yogurt.I suddenly miss the feel of my Blackberry 9000 in my hand. Life was much simpler back then old friend blackberry makesmartphonesinBBshapes. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 13, 2017 at 06:00PM. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 13, 2017 at 06:00PM. 9 year olds have a Blackberry, an iPad, a laptop, a Facebook... When I was 9, I felt cool with my new markers.

26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 13, 2017 at 06:15PM. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 13, 2017 at 06:15PM. An center of life look at at the blackberry jack: RwWHhr. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 14, 2017 at 09:15PM.

20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 14, 2017 at 09:15PM

CheckBT: BlackBerry Q10 came online (17.02.2017 23:06:00).

& my blackberry. CheckBT: BlackBerry Q10 went offline (620 secs) (17.02.2017 23:03:30). shark tooth necklace kiosks: mankinds answer to the blackberry bush so delicious yet rife with danger.........20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 18, 2017 at 08:30PM. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 18, 2017 at 08:30PM. I want a Blackberry ( old one with a keyboard just like old days ).

What's wrong with him reading from a blackberry? I would've done the same thing tbh.20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 18, 2017 at 08:15PM. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 18, 2017 at 08:15PM.

Did anyone ever find the blackberry with the side scroll?

No era un iPhone, era un blackberry. Tingkat kecelakaan di Dubai menurun 20 persen saat server global Blackberry lumpuh. Survei The National.

20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 01:30AM. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 01:30AM. can somebody permanently delete photo's from Blackberry? DunphyInquiry. tengo un truco para whatsapp blackberry a quien no se quiera quedar sin la app en junio 2017. Buen precio. usas tw for blackberry. These next two weeks cannot go any slower...

I was just "informed" that I am not permitted to come back to America until the halfway point of summer. Already regretting it.26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 09:00AM.

20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 09:00AM

Rasa Itu TertinggaL Di Menu BlackBerry Pg ini. Why does every French class eventually enter the topic of "Why has technology changed your life"? Tech is the norm, it's 2017.Layanan Servis Internet Blackberry tersedia di 90 negara lebih pada 500 operator lokal.

26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 08:45AM. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 08:45AM. I had a dream last night that my phone turned into a Blackberry nightmare. "last time i had seen him, he was like the size of my blackberry.". Hm? Blackberry? Yeah I know her.Ada tiga hal yang mengawali segalanya dalam hidupku. Kamu,kisahmu dan kasihmu-My Blackberry Girlfriends. 20EFF318 RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 01:15PM. 26D8C59F RIM BB BBM BBMPin BBPin TeamBlackberry Blackberry BlackberryMesenger BBPinShare February 21, 2017 at 01:15PM.

cheese wallpaper

I want a nice grilled cheese right now but preferably one with Swiss cheese

Harlock is very sad with Sarah because she eats cheese but that's not true. This kid having a sausage cheese jelly and ketchup bagel sandwich. Hoarding string cheese doesn't actually count as prepping, does it?. Finish that shoveling? Jambalaya w CERES cornbread OR Thai curry on basmati OR pulled pork OR Tempeh, blue cheese, sweet potato sandwiches. Why does Amy bully me bc I like cheese.

"tanginess of tomatoes and creaminess of the cheese" PERO AYOKO TALAGA NG PINYA SA PIZZA HAHAHAHA!. ay mamalit man diay unta ko ug cheese sticks uy. doggo said how about not egg. I just heard my grandpa say cheddar Cracker Barrel before correcting himself, which means he replaced the word "cheese" with Cracker Barrel. Cheese and toasted? The most asked question of the day.

eyeliner! please don't softly succ in this shiny upper middle class country home! him will not approve!

You have cream cheese in your hair. - That sounds like a Bob Dylan song.H: Wanna go to Chuckie Cheese on a date? M: Do I get a beer every hour and some wings to lick? H: Well, I... M: Ah, come on at least beer!. So apparently it's National Cheese Lovers Day? Found my new favourite day of the year. MEEEEEN, Last day of my internship today. It was a wild ride. with burgers, fishsticks and lots of cheese. 12. Grilled cheese sandwiches make me warm and fuzzy inside.tea and toast, one round with cashew butter the other with cheese spread and marmite, delicious.

According to my Cheese Sauces (sources) Today is NationalCheeseLovers Day! I think we have a match made in heaven for you in store today!. toasted tuna and cheese panini's are magical. Sir... uh, have you ever had a double cheese burger?. iono there's probably a quarter pounder with cheese, no English tags.

I don't want to see cheese, chicken, or sprite again!

Had pretzels & cream cheese, now I feel sick.

Ordered my first cheese delivery of the year.Hokkaido baked cheese tart terbaikk. Sedap kne dgn harganya.....ha haah a BLOCK OF CHEESE. Kentang ni lepas rebus still mcm rapuh2 texture dia. Sbb tu kne letak butter and cheese bg likat. Then letak la sayur2 pilihan and daging.NEWS. This just in (my belly): Egg in a Hole but the hole is not in a mere slice of bread, it's in a hamcheeseFrench mustard sandwich.All I can think about is Wingstop fries and cheese sauce.

But update got the Mac and cheese. lalaloopsie. yell if u agree. Get a load of this pulls out Edam cheese out of shopping bag.

pagi tadi buat roti sosej cheese nak bawak p opis dan yeaayy ia habis

The grilled cheese I had today was soooooo gooood. I ordered a supreme pizza from pizza hut and they gave me plain cheese. I feel betrayed.

I want macaroni and cheese. so much cheese no not government.Cream cheese please. i'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large trump.Nothing like eating your body weight in chicken nuggets and mac n' cheese. Nice try, cheese graters, cheese is already great.

"Is that cheese!? Oh no that's a rock..". Traveling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous and made me cheese on toast.

Aaron makes the best cheese quesadillas

Exactly Why Ion Never Let My Feelings Get Involved With Fees Jst The Cheese. TJ did 'em dirty. delbert. the biggie cheese cucker.

should I get a grilled cheese tattoo ??. What's your question? I give you cheese.Grandpa: what is this queso cheese i keep seeing Me: chokes KWEESO?????. Pepperjack cheese is the worst. Chuck E Cheese is 1 of the 9 circles of hell who's sole purpose is to torture parents who want to have a "good time" with their kids. Mac & Cheese it is.

Who needs a Sunday roast when you can have a cheese and crisp sandwich.

Why do some shortbread cookies smell like cheese

I SMELL CHEESE BUT NOOOO I CANT HAVE A GOOD MOUTHFUL BECASS OF MY EFFIN ULCER. When portion sizing for Little Folks you can bake Mac and Cheese topped with breadcrumbs in a mini loaves pan.Astonishing how quickly reading up on the UK constitution can turn into reading jokes about cheese. Housework begins.

Fat blunts & cheese eggs.. Breakfast of champions.Having a nice dinner of broccoli cheese Lean Pocket and a bowl of instant ramen. In other words, I spent all my money on weed again.I possibly ate a pound of cheese yesterday and I'm regretting that.I like cheese . I do ... I really really do.getting through the day with dalawang cheese cake, pitong dragon sid, isang cheese clubs, at isang cream-o GUTOM NA ME FAM WER NA U ANUNA. Today when I woke up I found a slice of cheese, a chipmunk, Ron weasley and Marcus.

Bout to make a killer ham and cheese sandwich

I'm addicted to cheese puffs. Cream cheese frosting is important. I wish Chuck E Cheese delivered their pizza. Cheese and carbs are my only two food groups. Goodnight to everyone except people who put ketchup on macaroni and cheese.

"Nigga you can't even cook a damn.......cheese toast.". lmfao now i want a hot pretzel w cheese. No one withholds mac and cheese from me! How dare you, local Italian restaurant?! Did Pompeii teach you nothing??? Fools.Can't enjoy nachos without nacho cheese. I did not like that mac and cheese...


Got mo cheese than Kraft and Got more bread than Panera. Imma open up a grilled cheese one succs with my rlly big ham. Or some Waffle House cheese grits sausages and toast.haha i want a human as a pet XD i will take good care of it and name it Cheese jk jk. I'm so stuffed with delicious meat and cheese filled lasagna. So. Stuffed.Oh, and the skiing of course. But that's like a given. I just can't get enough of wine and cheese. And the beautiful, majestic Alps. <3.

Yes I did just sneak the entire cheese it box upstairs to my room and hide it under my covers. Darth (cheese) Grater FoodVillains. guys help.... chef boyardee is being scary again...he's dual-weilding cheese graters. A true estate cause life passes without u needing 2 know much about world goingon only goats milk cheese eggs oliveoil contacthere.

Friday Specials - Chippy Friday!! Fish & Chips Sausage & Chips Homemade Cheese & Onion Pie, Chips and Gravy

So much cheese no not government.

i'm the cheese to your cake. i'm the ass to your hole.umm exuse me? paul, a smol gay, is big never? so go eat yourself. WH-WHAT DO YOU CALL CHEESE TH-THAT'S NOT YOURS???. People are putting hot cheetos on mac n cheese and sushi but when I wrapped them with string cheese in middle school, I was the weird one. Aku biar susu tak habis berkulat sikit lagi nak jadi cheese atas meja. Major turn off tak?. cheese sticks cheese sticks.

... is goat cheese even dairy?. this lactose intolerant girl had a grilled cheese sandwich for body is screaming for help. I WANT SCRABBLED EGGES W PEPPER AND CHEESE.

"I got a package! It's heavy! It might be cheese!" "Why would it be cheese of all things?!"

People don't put enough cheese on things. What to spend money on & budget: food: 10-15 bucks - HOT MILO - ONIGIRI - HAM N CHEESE SANDWICHES Transport (LRT) 5 bucks.

GIMMIE THE CHEESE. Hokaido cheese tart is tooo sweet haaaa. velveeta mac n' cheese is amazing af. I just need a girl that will let me make them macaroni and cheese. when you tell everyone you're being sociable when actually you're crying in bed watching louis theroux and eating cheese strings. I want Tony's, wings, and hot Cheetos w cheese.

Ripple, bring back your grilled cheese, it's why I come to DC! savethecheese. Love traveling in Europe where instead of iceberg with croutons and cheese, a side salad is mixed greens with a bunch of real veggies!.

Blue cheese crumbles have been added to the salad bar this semester and I am very happy

Heartbreak Warfare. Coffee is healthier if you putzall these things in it: butt.r, Kraft macaroni & cheese, meatballs, acid, poutine.Get some garlic naan throw some pepperoni and cheese on it bake it and thank me later.

Told my kids Chuck E. Cheese was only for birthday parties - we couldn't just go there for lunchdinner. WorstLieIEverTold. Everything in this house has cheese in it. I'm torn because I want to eat but I also don't want to die.I want a world where I can eat all the cheeses without having any consequence. I love cheese. WHEN WE PUT KAZUS BRAIN IN THE CHICKEN, PUT SOME CHEESE OVER CHICKEN,. I've roasted a whole bulb of garlic for my mac and cheese tonight. Hope it's enough. I need a nap before Chuck E Cheese.

A steak N cheese would hit right now.

Cream cheese

Who just asked "Do you support a free press" as the bloated block of cheddar cheese was leaving with PM May? BecauseILoveYou. One day you're stealing grocery carts the next you're at an embassy for a cheese and wine social. It's a strange world we live in. I love cream cheese so much I'd literally just eat it by itself lmao. Dendy's: Home of the Triple Trump w cheese.

I'm craving panera, especially their fuego ass mac'n'cheese. I'd be so cute if cheese didn't exist. Man... it's 6:49am in caili and I'm craving two famous stars with no cheese from Carl's Jr.700 na agad nakaltas sakin bumili lang ako ng spring onion, kangkong, eggs, bread, milk, apples and cheese. Mas mura lang 'to sa mga game a.Four cheese pizza, and twix cheesecake for breakfast? Sounds good to me, lad!. I know everyone else is thinking it, but exactly how old is too old to be at chuckle cheese?.

I ate cheese fries, calios, and leftover Chinese food last night I'm literally disgusting

I think i figured out why I've been in such a good mood. I made Philly cheese steal egg rolls for happy hour and the members LOVED them! <3. Savoury cheese hot cross buns? What on Earth, Marks & Spencer?. Noses are macaroni and cheese daisies are blue cats is dominating and so is taco. Last night I had fried mac n cheese for the first time & it changed my life. Dreamt about cream cheese.

Today's lunch is Corndog, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, Pineapple Chunks, and an ice cold milk!. What does it mean if your puss smells like cheese grits.? Is that bad?. LATE NIGHT GET THAT MAC N CHEESE. Hobbs Crossbarn: enjoyed. For the goodies are delicious fresh peeled tangerine and Sonoma Jacks garlic herb cheese spread. I'm no economist but all I can say is that RELAITY IS AN ILLUSION THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM BUY GOOOLD BYEE GOOOOOOLD.

Lobster Mac n cheese sounds so good rn

Tastees need to make a bacon and cheese patty.Has a egg, ham, and cheese croissant from Dunkin' Donuts. Munching on it happily. Has chipmunk cheeks.Cheese and sriracha on eggs is glorious. 4. the time that I broke into his house to spread cream cheese on a bagel. I need cheese fries in my life. Mon Jan,30th Soup:Pasta Fagioli,Cream of Mushroom Wrap:BLT Panini:Ham & Cheese Pasta:Rigatoni Arrabbita wMeatball specials.

Lunch-Corn Dog,Burger w Cheese,Salad Chef Turkey Ham.Sides-Fries,Salad Romaine Side,Ice Cream Cup Orange Sherbet Apple,Fruit Cup. Milk. I want some chili cheese fries and a big juicy well done bacon cheese burger no mayo with the works grilled onions and an oreo shake. I got mo cheese den uh nacho!. I want cheese pizza.


I just bought cheese-its that taste like ass.

When you have a really big presentation in 3 days and your anxiety flares so bad you cry into your cheese toastie. Honestly, my aesthetic.I had a chicken salad with blue cheese dressing for lunch, minus the lettuce and vegetables. I had chicken and blue cheese.I just want some cheese sticks. Grilled cheese is the best when it's made with shredded cheese. YUM. I ate too much halloumi cheese and now I never want to eat or look at it again. 20170201 07:01 JUDY AND MARY - CHEESE PIZZA.

Anxiety be like: Chili Cheese Fritos ARE breakfast.Soup of the Day Tomato Bisque ~ Mac and Cheese Thanks. My aesthetic: Tyler wearing a cheese hat.

i just finished watching cheese in the trap it's such a good kdrama but the ending got me like "so it's done? oh okay" and i'm mad

I had to give the Greek chic a note to go at ft green DOH because it look like cottage cheese in her VJJ seriously. akala ko post-it yung cheese na dapat ay papapakin ko :(.

NowPlaying A Frog's Cheese - Plushgoolash. Remember fellas, These hoes ain't nothing but cheese on a board! -The late great Master Splinter gmfb. Children's Ministry Wednesday Meal February 1, 2017: Chicken Stirps, Macaroni & cheese, Fresh Fruit (Banana, green grapes & apple slices). Im about my cheese cheddar chip ..i may be too soft but i will loudly emotional breakdown floofy cat. Nan cheese pun nikmat time ni.

wants popcorn, pizza, fries, cheese burger, frappe, steak, ice cream and cheese cake at the same time. Oh wait, you said macaroni and CHEESE? Well... that makes sense. trying very hard to keep a lid closed, buzzing is heard.

"Every time a Rick Ross song is played, 16 Double Quarter Pounders with cheese die due to a heart attack

I want to eat cheese.I really want mac n cheese rn. attempted to order an egg & cheese mcmuffin and was told mcdonald's stops serving breakfast at 10:30.........england is cancelled.

i love cheese actually HOLD UP SEHUN CAN I TELL YOU ABOUT THIS REALLY GOOD CHEESE I ATE YESTERDAY. Nintendo Revolution: now called idiot cheese. If you're coming to my parti, expect champagne and cheese. freedom. spots cheese HISSES AmazingPhil PhandomBot. can we just discuss all of the important qualities of mac & cheese????. Why do I want a cheese burger so badly right now lol.

Last time I needed more cheese.. it was still good though but this is better.

No one wanna hit you up I'm just tryna get some cheese

Just hoping everyone eats some sort of cheese today. sports. The only things good to ever come out of the state of Wisconsin - Todd Meier, Luke Jimenez, and cheese..Tyson has been growing chicken wings on the backs of rats to keep up with the demand. Also, blue cheese causes ED. FakeChickenWingFacts. Rude nya gambar mac and cheese tu....

Stanno per arrivare i parenti a cena non ne ho voglia volevo guardare cheese in the trap uffa. Star Wars mac and cheese in the bathtub. hangovercure. Mix cheese, hashish, and rice then put it in the oven.if you get cream cheese in your sushi you cannot be trusted!!!. Sitting in the dark, looking at the moon through the window. It's gorgeous. I'm eating cheese.Uh oh. It's gonna be one of the busiest days of the year at work and I ate waaaaay too much cheese yesterday : CheeseInTheTrap.

Bahala kayo basta kanina di ko mapigilang di tumingin sa bulge ni Robi Domingo sa suot niyaaaa! MAY PA YUM W CHEESE! PBBDream3rdEvict

I do wanna be skinny but I proper love bourbons and cheese. Is there cheese? I'm lactose intolerant!. If I had to choose my last meal it would be an egg cheese n bacon on a buttery biscuit. I eat too many slices of Munster cheese throughout the day smh. Althea has the attention span of one slice of cheese. We work on sit, stay, up, down, come and go. I'm exhausted.

When I slide inside of this I like the Mac and the cheese. Are cheese sticks and mozzarella sticks the same thing????. Did you know if ou burn cheese enough it gets crunchy like a cracker?. Just dropped my phone in mac n cheese. Nothing new. 170243 014743 This is s filler scheduled message.

Eating diff kinds of cheese will probably my new hobby this 2017

me: have strokes with hard jerry also me: who wants a ham. I guess I should go to the gym after I get off since I just ate my weight in mac n cheese. Making toron and cheese stick w the squad. Macaroni and cheese and anything with gravy does NOT go together.. yuck.Ham and cheese KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre. Takde cheese so tak jadi cheesywedges la kan? Logik ork? Tah betul tidak eja cheese tu, tau makan je, eja tak reti.

I don't eat triangle sandwiches. I just can't. Yuck! Especially if its brown and has lettuce and cheese. Yuck!!!. Scrolling thru all the scooby doo ep. ever made to find "the one w the cheese monster" that aired in 88' gets me parent of the year, right?. Awkwardly craving the chili cheese Fritos. O lukas (?).

How do people do this everyday of their lives!? Sit around and not work waiting for the government cheese???

Stadium food: Make the Staples Center Mac 'N' Cheese dogStadium food: Make the Staples Center Mac 'N' Cheese dog.

nah it was my bad sbb tak bagitahu dia nak packing popia cheese kejap sigh. Ya mcm eats string cheese without pulling it apart. .... ....?. i want grilled cheese. does cheesecake even have cheese in it. I want a Philly cheese steak roll them mfs look like a hit.

about to make the lasagna that I was unable to cook last night due to the fact I forgot the ricotta cheese.Vegan Lunch: Soy Cheese Enchiladas with Rice and Beans, Spaghetti Squash with Pineapple, Toasted Quinoa & Garbanzo Soup, Salad Bar.The world is like a really big Chuck E. Cheese where instead of playing games everybody just plays each other. Prizes may vary.

walks into a sandwich store hi id like a ham & swiss "sorry we don't carry swiss cheese

Im stressed out My old hoes calling for cheese used to play me to the left na hoes calling Fa me. who wants to come to my workplace rn and deliver me a toasted six-cheese bagel with cream cheese and a bottle of water.

Whenever someone asks what I want for my birthday the first thing that pops into my head is cheese puffs. Turkey wings, mac and cheese and string beans and corn. Stop chasing him around. Don't be a rat chasing the cheese in a trap.Update Harry is cooking a 3 cheese lasagna wearing blue jeans and a sweater (via insider). I need cheese & chips.I should of worked cause I knew this was gonna happen.

Just took a "choose your fav cheese & we'll tell u when u'll meet ur soulmate" buzzfeed quiz at work. So that's how my vday is going. I have an idea of what to give Tom when I meet him in December. It'll be a lot of work and so fricking deep he'd probably drown in cheese.

ENDORSEMENTS Meiji Bouno Cheese

gonna go home & eat mac n cheese & take a bubble bath bc I love myself the most. I hit like cheese. Life Lesson 707: Cheese is milks attempt at immortality.

PSG to play 10-0-0 in three weeks time. I was so stressed once that I bought a block of cheese and ate the whole thing on the car ride home and my how I have grown from that. I'm starting to think a handsome mysterious admirer is not going to send me a 7 tier Waitrose cheese wheel wedding cake this Valentine's. i want brie cheese and death. Devin's Nana is forcing him to cook me a grilled cheese I love her so much lol. More ketchup and mustard, please: KHC all time closing high price! Maybe some cheese?.

Barcelona looking like swiss cheese.

Can you make Kraft Mac n cheese with water instead of milk?

1 large cheese pizza please. A combination of Kraft Heinz, which sells Oscar Mayer meats, Jell-O pudding and Velveeta cheese, and Unilever,. I don't eat cheese because I don't want my poop track to be clogged. wine and cheese....cake.

I have a string cheese addiction. Cheese is my weakness. Goat cheese is freaking expensive.tornado cheese anal supreme. Plain double cheese burgers are honestly unreal. doin some late night munchin' with good ol cervelatwurst and a slice of cheese! mum stevemiller won't approve pls beat me.


Curly fries and cheese so simple yet so gid. I know im getting older because i like provolone cheese now.I just want a cheese burger. I need cheese eggs, grits and toast stat!. Quit being called a Chashmish anymore! Visit Hashmanis for a lifetime riddance from specs with minimal evasive and fast paced technology.

3) Developed mild headache as we speak now idk what they put in their naan cheese sigh. cheese. Dulu potato tapi skrang dah upgrade sikit letak cheese. Lepastu sombong sbb dah lawa hm terjun bangunan jelah. I can't stop eating cheese this week, someone take me to rehab. Royal wit' cheese!.

Waiting for this water to boil is so annoying

pagbinigay pera ko.kakaen nanamn ako everything but cheese. Mac and cheese red wine new house = Happy Boy!. IStandWithMarksThiccNeck brie cheese is the best ever how dare you!! Ethan has good tastes. Singing to the cheese. IStandWithMarksThiccNeck who has the best taste in cheese. i wanna sip pina coladas n eat a chop cheese ..

umm exuse me? 98 bees, a smol gay, is shiny never? so go plead yourself. You know it's real when they let you eat the melted cheese spillover from their burger. I like how they are talking about Bre cheese my nickname is also Bri...I FEEL LIKE THEY R TALKIN BOUT ME IStandWithMarksThiccNeck. Mark is gonna end up with a cheese tasting channel at this rate IStandWithMarksThiccNeck.

IStandWithMarksThiccNeck why are they talking about cheese????

Lamb, beef, pork & cheese generate the mo.t greenhouse gases. Lamb tops the list at 86.4 lbs of CO2 equivalenvs for every 2.2 lbs.

When I buy deli cheese, should definitely just buy a pound vs a half to compensate for all the slices I'm gonna sneak. sufferingsandwiches. first world cheese problems IStandWithMarksThiccNeck. IStandWithMarksThiccNeck 1010 content Talkin bout cheese. Text to roomie 1:47 am: "Can we cheese?". Christie: hey look a chuck e cheese Me: GASPS Christie: WERE NOT GOING TO CHUCK E CHEESE. Why is this cheese discussion literally everything IStandWithMarksThiccNeck.

IStandWithMarksThiccNeck cranky likes hard cheese confirmed. Why are we talking about cheese...? IStandWithMarksThiccNeck. Fish, chicken, candy yams, macaroni n cheese, fried okra, cabbage, cornbread, and baked beans heavy on on the brain..

IStandWithMarksThiccNeck I will always shove Munster cheese down my throat

IStandWithMarksThiccNeck Ethan and Mark's face lit up the second someone brought up cheese.IStandWithMarksThiccNeck I like Pepper Jack cheese.

IStandWithMarksThiccNeck CHEESE. Does golden chick ever have cheese for the 8 or do they just say that they don't to throw you off?. All cheese is good cheese IStandWithMarksThiccNeck. Just saw a girl order a fruit and cheese plate at a bowling alley. yo cold mac n cheese is so good. IStandWithMarksThiccNeck anyone think Ethan, Tyler, and Mark know what country "Fetta" cheese comes from? (hint... I am FROM that country.

shoutout to bagels and cream cheese for being great. I went to the grocery store for bread and bananas and came back with chocolate milk & cheese (but no bananas or bread).

i feel like corrine partially made it to hometowns just so we could meet her nanny and see what exactly this cheese pasta is TheBachelor

I want some cheese :(. "I'll have a hamburger, with cheese," I said smugly to the waiter, both of us knowing full-well the restaurant wouldn't dare charge me extra. Today when I woke up I found a slice of cheese, Santa, Hermione granger mooing and a pig.

I didn't know you could buy Lubys Mac and cheese at H-E-B. Black Forrest ham and pepper jack cheese for my lunch tomorrow. Amazing sammiches indeed! Food PresidentsDay delicious. could really go some chips and cheese right about now. Craving baked beans & macaroni & cheese. My mom sent my dad to cream cheese and he comes back and says I was looking for Philadelphia but it didn't say filidelphia. We just had a lady legit start crying cause we were out of herbs and cheese bread.

I need some old school chili cheese fries and a hamburger like the 1990s.

Tom is super sad with Zoe because she eats cheese and that's true

Tasty recipes are actually starting to make me vom. Like, let's deep fry some cheese IN MORE MOZZARELLA.cream cheese is good. eyeliner said rawr XD, so i yell him then. It's 8:15 am and all I want is cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese.

Cheese from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is literally a work of art. Steak and Cheese.Akala ko shanghai ang naprito ko, cheese stick pala. Huhu. Ulit. Srsly i just want cheese fries :(. Buen cheese. Just watched a small child drop an entire bacon egg & cheese on the floor.

Remind me to never eat that much mac n cheese ever again.9.5 scrambled eggs add 750g of feta cheese. These rappers straight cheese I'm a whole different strain. I hadn't even opened it?? So this kid apparently ate 12 sticks of cheese.Lonely night, my company is only hot tea and banana cheese cake _(:3. I was always told that a paper cut was the worst pain. It's not. A cheese grater slicing off part of your finger is ouch. oh man, I don't think I can do the sub cheese for E3.

watermelon wallpaper

Today's lesson is: would moist lose a fight to watermelon?

I want some watermelon. "Burn more fat: Stay hydrated, Eat watermelon, Get more vitamin D, Drink coffee or tea, Eat breakfast, Drink cold water, Eat more protein!". If my son has had watermelon for lunch it's easier to just take him in his eating chair outside and power-hose him and the chair. So lease deals on honda crv watermelon desserts. Noses are wild watermelon narcissuses are olivedrab sugar is Channing Tatum and so is gross.

Sour patch watermelon is the best candy. Noses are wild watermelon narcissuses are darkblue sugar is sweet and so on. Watermelon plum... just call it fruit punch. huhu yung watermelon ko literal na naging water :'( :'( :'(. pizza watermelon.

Now Playing: Tracy Byrd - Watermelon Crawl is on Q106

Lol everyday in school only drink watermelon juice.......30% OFF Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Energy Drink - Watermelon Flavor (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn) 40. Hoses are wild watermelon irises are cadetblue sugar is sweet and so on. "I carried a watermelon" remains one of the most genuinely awkward girl-speaks-to-hot-crush lines ever. scuty? wild watermelon bluebells aqua jackson You must be facing towards and looking into a mirror. sweet brought to you by KindleDT. I carried a watermelon.

Roses wild watermelon orange blossoms saddlebrown is sweet and so on. true refrigerator t 35 recipe of watermelon smoothie. I want some watermelon Sour Patch Kids. Roses are wild watermelon lotus flowers are limegreen sugar is sweet and so on.


-her, but instead, with Hamon-charged force, Cade slammed Ruthanne into the floor. Her head was busted like a watermelon.

is it too late to eat watermelon ?. Toast watermelon and pumpkin. Top off with a bit of ljutenica.if anyone is interested in the watermelon yeen you can place an offer rn! partial or fullsuit, just DM me uwu will be 4 auction if no offers. That tastes like watermelon and anus. thingsflamesays. Is getting his young daughter watermelon for dessert. He cuts up the watermelon carefully.That Trident missile story being pumped at the moment is really lame. Not going to resonate with many, only with the WatermelonCBD crowd.

I had a beautiful dream. . . And WATERMELON was the theme.i feel like someone is doing the rubber band with watermelon challenge with my head. I need something to drink, not meant for the tykes; So I found some watermelon, and it's made by Mike's!.

He uses a pillow to go to bed, But I got WATERMELON to support my head

she put the flowers in the vase BUT I USE WATERMELON AS MY PLANT'S BASE. Woman Arrested for "Passive-Aggressively" Stabbing a Watermelon.

breakfast watermelon & apple sauce. It's 50 calories, hydration, fiber, minerals to replenish sore muscles! Watermelon rocks! eatmore HealthTip. How are you all getting on with tryanuary ? Opened up your tastebuds to new flavour? We have peanut butter, watermelon and grapefruit beers. The fact i gotta skin this big ass watermelon head bald soon. Im tryna work on my waves!!!. All I ate today was pineapples and watermelon. "Ya watermelon head ass".

Fuuuck I should have gotten watermelon juice myself I neeeed it. Now I'm thinking about getting mountains of chocolate and dumping it on watermelon.

I'm eating Wilbur Buds and drinking Watermelon seltzer

Chocolate covered watermelon... think about it.Kumusta naman ang nakain ko maghapon. 3 itlog na puro egg white, 1 slice ng watermelon, 1 skyflakes. Kagutom, bes. I really really really really really really really really want watermelon.

Noses are wild watermelon orchids are darkgoldenrod sugar is sweet and so on. Noses are wild watermelon water lilies are plum sugar is sweet and so on. First time I heard watermelon sundae was MySpace lmao. and usually i dont like green hair but hers was like O_O very pretty like watermelon. Yall see that watermelon nigga lol imma eat it ni. I never bought a watermelon.

when you're stoked to try the wine your friends are drinking but it's really watermelon four loko.

Thank -__- blue bell marjorams donald chocolate watermelon rectum liberals

If watermelon exists why dont airmelon, firemelon & earthmelon exist? ......the elemelons. Yesterday I gave my friend Sour Patch Watermelon & he's still so happy about it I'm so glad I could make my friend happy. Hoses are wild watermelon petunias are palegreen sugar is sweet and so on. Watermelon. ...... MissUniverse Indonesia.

Fat burning foods: grapefruit, watermelon, berries, hot peppers, celery, yogurt, eggs, fish, green tea, coffee, water, oatmeal. My niece is allergic to watermelon. The Puerto Rican side took over the black genes. pan-seared watermelon, sage infused mock duck, sage and beer-battered peach pulled pork mealidea food freshfood. Watermelon is the absolute summer fruit holds many benefits for your health.Publix has watermelon on BOGO (buy one get one) this week!. I AM A Monckton manatee lotus flowers politics rosybrown watermelon winky NASA.

OTL Kireii hid a watermelon in my wardrobe

Agora era uma sesta e era feliz. can it be summer so watermelon is in season. Do I smell watermelon?. i look like a watermelon. I'm still happy that when I was younger I carved a watermelon for Halloween.

To fumando aquela watermelon mint. I really want some watermelon..Je veut grossir des cuisses moi. Wreck on the Highway - Watermelon Slim. Ge last na yon.

I have been thinking of watermelon all day

Tungunu seen.Roses are wild watermelon forget me nots are lightgreen sugar is sweet and so on. Logan's Watermelon Cabin. I need a watermelon mouf right now. I want watermelon. I only wish harm upon mself and Trump. I want to throw a watermelon at that man's head.

We go together like watermelon and tajin.Noses are wild watermelon thymes are white sugar is sweet and so on. Remember at St Stephens they'd serve fried chicken, greens and watermelon for black history month? Yeah I'm not super fond of that place. Why are hoods on women's winter jackets always large enough for my head and a watermelon? Do I have an exceptionally tiny skull?.

If most of the body is water and watermelon is mostly water, why don't I taste like watermelon?

Noses are wild watermelon peonies are seashell sugar is Channing Tatum and so is sunset.

This watermelon is the best I've had all season I'm so sorry Mel and Dylan. Iced watermelon. Vapenation PremiumEjuice vapelife. if one more person calls me watermelon head so help me god. Eating bananas, pasta, almonds, grapes, oatmeal, chocolate, watermelon, orange juice, cornflakes, and tuna can relieve stress.There weren't any at the stores for daysss and all I need rn is a gigantic bowl of cold watermelon cubes. I really could eat watermelon every single day.

Muddle watermelon with sugar. Add one part each jet fuel & white tequila, then two parts lemon-lime soda. Shake with ice, strain & serve. Life ain't sweet Saturday thru Monday but in the summer time you my watermelon sundae. The watermelon is in the fridge. (But I might put some poetry there too, now...).

where is the wodder in watermelon

Is your day ruined by constant fatigue? Eat plenty of energy-rich nutrients like watermelon & increase your productivity.Reeking of watermelon vk rough.

Craving pork fried rice and watermelon. IDC what yall niggas say, I personally like the movie Watermelon Heist lmfaooo. watermelon: 3.4 or arbert?. Let's play greased watermelon in the pool this summer. I have Tracy Byrd's Watermelon Crawl earworming me out of nowhere.Really can't wait for watermelon season . :(.

when watermelon is back in season I will be a happy girl. I want some boneless watermelon lol.

I need some watermelon right now

MKT SALAD Field greens w Toscano Farm watermelon radishes, julienned carrots, blanched broccoli, & Orland Creamery feta cheese. I have mixed feelings about watermelon.I just want watermelon cocktails and good company if any for my birthday.

Stop breaking my ribs Kenyans... when did you rename Watermelon Salome?. Roses , wild watermelon narcissuses are maroon : be sweet and so on. I can't wait till the summer. I want a real sweet watermelon.24. watermelon. His thighs make up for his lack of ass. He can crush a watermelon between those thighs.Can someone bring me a watermelon mojito smoothie?.

'In the night was born the blacksmith In the morn he built his smithy' human laughs&says "Dang, he gets up early to start eating Watermelon".


and watermelon sour patches. I only fw watermelon jolly ranchers. Love to tell a story everybody would be intrigued to hear. Just had a watermelon. Delicious.

"keon say watermelon!" keon: "WATERMEMEN!" So cute!!! bless my ears!!. Ate Ivy: Tara kain! Me: Yoko na. Kanina pa ko kain ng kain. kumuha ng watermelon Ate Mel: tawa Akala ko ba ayaw mo na? HAHAHAHAHA. Breathing rn is like inserting a watermelon through a keyhole. INFINITE loves watermelon. "Whether you are screaming, 'I am an anarchist!' or 'I love watermelon!', PBs can be about anything." Greg Pizzoli ny17scbwi. A cat? Whats next? A watermelon?.

watermelon vag

its v hard to be in a family of 4 and protect your own watermelon. puts salt on a watermelon. my grandma was in my dream and we were walking to town to pick up a watermelon from my grandpas rancho what does this mean bc now im sad. Watermelon Crawl Tracy Byrd The Best Of Tracy Byrd (20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection). I didn't go to the birthday party, I'm like I'll go movies, but that didn't work out. so I go, I'll go home watch Netflix and eat watermelon.

Dapat pala in-fc ko na HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Pisti parehas kaseng busy sa phone. Hahaha phone is layp e. Tas ambilis pa ng wifi sa cintai. Sayang talaga.I feel like I swallowed a watermelon ouch :(. A dude use to call me watermelon, one day he wanted taste me but I was on my period. He said "what color is watermelon.." Nasty mf.This watermelon HITTIN rn.

it's been awhile since I had good watermelon

ooooo some watermelon sour patch would hit the spot. Im craving watermelon and salt. I really want some watermelon sour patches. I just ate a jelly belly that tasted like a watermelon four loko...idk what flavor it actually was, but I never want to have it again. ptsd. partying gets old. I love binge watching tv shows with my man,eating watermelon and cuddling all night. mysaturdaynight>yours. I have allergies for nuts,almond,peach,and watermelon.

Watermelon tastes like quince.Simmer watermelon and banana squash. Complete with some fresh limnophila aromatica.I am weak. I have the snow break my fall on the roof eating watermelon.I could probably eat a whole watermelon.

Watermelon shake

i am eating watermelon chillin on daisy's bed watching that '70s show, life is gr8.

Just had an entire conversation about watermelon. Walls are red violet , begonias are darkturquoise , watermelon is gross ; Sometimes you'll overlook the  aromatic ... poetry art. HowToEscapeADate i gave her a watermelon and a dead flower duct taped to the back of it..(true story). a personal watermelon for breakfast. First spring plantings are in. Watermelon, sweet corn and romaine lettuce. Still harvesting celery, hot peppers and cabbage from winter.craving watermelon.

Eat some watermelon and i don't just mean the students.Watermelon Smirnoff kinda nasty. Humans are strange. Some don't like watermelon, others don't like avocado and a select few, if you can believe it, don't like strawberries.

I would imagine that getting hit in the face with a large fruit, such as a watermelon, would hurt and potentially leave some marks

Hoses are wild watermelon thistles , hotpink : feel sweet and so on. "i dont wanna go to my voice lesson i dont have a voice" "just sing watermelon the whole time" "in a one on one voice lesson?" "yes".

There's a watermelon on the stairs, I must know the story behind this. I feel like I'm getting an allergic reaction but I didn't even eat watermelon. 8h30 je prend le Bus pour allez chez Jav ensuite je rentre a 11h. Bon demain 7h je suis debout !. Aujourd'hui je suis sortie archii moche est bizzarement j'ai vu tout le monde. If you're worried about not getting into college know some guy just asked a girl if she saw any watermelon trees in Hawaii...

Someone smells like watermelon.Which you prefer: lemon or watermelon?.

For my 21st birthday I want everyone to bring me a 24 pack of Dr

Hahaha got watermelon head out of bed ez. The watermelon sees all The watermelon loves all The watermelon is all. I want watermelon sounds so good rn.

A sonatube smells just like a watermelon. Either that or I'm so hungry I'm starting to lose my mind. The racism is so glaring that it's instantly clear. I mean, one of the first things Whitewash says is how much he loves watermelon.Pizza, watermelon juice. I want a pickle with pickle salt. Some crawfish. Some watermelon. A Hershey's cookies n creme bar. Some sunflower seeds. Wingstop & a watermelon slush from sonics sound real smooth rn. I just drank watermelon soda. I'm really living yall.

Some days I have room for a whole dominos pizza, a watermelon, and 18 sushi rolls and some days I can't even eat half a burrito.

Stawberries and watermelon is so nasty

In the summertime you my Watermelon Sundae. I carried a watermelon.wild watermelon azaleas sleep time magenta love trash watching Sometimes i walk in the sun all day. ISO an AdvoCare distributor in Charlotte County, FL - need Watermelon Spark STAT! Anybody?.

If I was a watermelon, would you swallow or spit my seed? Levibot. its almost strawberry and watermelon season and i just cant wait!!!. I hate when people ask what Matt thinks about my want to not have children. Is he shoving a watermelon out of his vagina? No? I rest my case. I'm just trying to get some boneless watermelon. sour watermelon warhead. Hoses are wild watermelon crocuses are indigo sugar is sweet and so on.

Craving braai'd lamb chops and mash potatoes

Irish Charm watermelon seemed generous with time rain.Roses liquds wild watermelon tansies are linen sugar is sweet and so on. On the other hand this watermelon Rockstar has got me buzzin'. Can't wait to live by myself so I can always have my boozy gin-infused watermelon in the fridge.Noses ... wild watermelon columbines are mediumseagreen ; is sweet and so on.

I'm going to do nothing today but eat watermelon and watch TV. Wait let me get my watermelon socks in. wild watermelon asters sleep time midnightblue love trash and I love BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mangos and watermelon just saved my damn life. Now Playing: Tracy Byrd - Watermelon Crawl is on Q106.8 Country NowPlayingOnTheQ.


Sydney Feller is wearing socks with watermelon slices on them because she can. She just went for a 3-point play. CUNEwbb. I love coconut water and watermelon juice. Would open mouth kiss someone for a bag of sour patch watermelon rn. WATERMELON BUT SHE TASTE LIKE KIWI. me: constantly smells like a watermelon jolly rancher. My you mahogany bluebells a silver watermelon sandwiches.

3 GIRLS, 1 WATERMELON. Chet "Howdy Watermelon" Van Horn. Someone bring me a watermelon smoothie from Bionicos :(. Sour Patch Watermelon >>> Sour Patch Kids.

I'm craving watermelon

In case you don't "get" kindergarten art, this is a sandwich, a slice of watermelon, a spoon, and a fork playing baseball. Duh.

nigga tried to give me a watermelon air freshner. my nigga likes black ice. fix it. I wish I was ever enlisted I would go to like Detroit and take a swig from a drinking fountain, not eat Watermelon. Shape the young watermelon. Dwarf Fortress does not depict its contains (Information Theory 2016).I really want some watermelon rn...Frozen watermelon slices are the bomb !. SourPatch Watermelon are sent from heaven...that is all...

its 1:30am and i am currently eating watermelon good times. on my way to gourdoughs and I'm cramming a watermelon into my mouth bc I need balance. those watermelon sour patches slap.

parker: facetimes me me: answers parker: wait

The world's most expensive watermelon sold at auction in Japan for 6,300.Boogers are pacific blue , foxgloves are wheat , watermelon is gross ; Sometimes you'll overlook the  adventurous ... poetry art.

the day I saw someone draw Elena with a watermelon and pink lips I wanted to die. wild watermelon peonies eat a bed antiquewhite love trash day chopping. I call her Beyonce she drunk my watermelon. Purbeck Stone watermelon seemed alone with waterfall.I really want some pineapple & watermelon right now. This watermelon is so boooommmbbbb rn.

Four billion pounds of watermelon were grown in the United States in 1999. Watermelon Sundae x Dom K.


watermelon watermelon. all I want rn is cuddles and watermelon. Roses are wild watermelon roses are cornflowerblue gun is Channing Tatum and so is gross.

Promises are just sweet lies.i want mangoes and watermelon sh3t. NegativeZero calorie foods: aspargaus, apples, garlic, grapefruit, green beans, broccoli, oranges, lettuce, strawberries, watermelon.Watermelon plum, just call it fruit punch.chinchilla watermelon festival fun community such incredible family fun held 1ce every 2 yrs c u in 2019. Playing: Fishes (Radio Clean Edit) - Watermelon (Sleepover). tangina watermelon daw ko HAHAHAHA. Pineapple and Banana are the best on pizza. Idgaf throw some watermelon on there too!. M&S pineapple, watermelon & aloe Vera juice: the kind of juice to make the middle class (like me) orgiastic with pleasure.

mango wallpaper

me wants peach mango pie

Sur les etiquettes Mango et Zara c'est les prix de vente en Espagne et Portugal ensuite ils collent les prix pour la France soldes mango. Don't nuthin be on tv this time of morning.fuuuuck i'm craving dried mango. Why do I eat so slow? I've been eating my Mango curry for about half an hour now nbd..Boycotting even mentioning the inauguranation is the best thing to do to annoy the Mango Mussolini.

I love papaya, mango, papusas & marvin. Trump hasn't even technically officially taken office and something already doesn't feel right. I want mango smoothie. mango, nice.wake me up when it's mango season.

It was Mango pickle that used a knife to break the mp3 player

Ni un mango tengo para la juntada que organize en casa jajajaj yafue. Me dieron ganas de Mango con adobo. does mango and pineapple go good together for a smoothie. If Mango Mussolini wants a repeat of the LAST time he tried to come to Chicago, we can do this...strictly pineapple or mango. Eating mango atm.

tHEY SAID JAPANESE MANGO?? did they mean manga... this is a scholarly article...That mango hit the spot !!!. should i eat this mango right now or save it for breakfast. Mango mango bwst.

wen me ago get nominated a baby mango fest

Quiero picada de mango.

Tengo ganas de escuchar unos temas viejos pero al mango. Yamigishii MotJapRandom How can you call yourself a real JoJo fan if you didn't read the mango. i have mango peach applesauce. i hope they have those goldfish mango puddings tomorrow. nowplaying WE LOVE SHONAN - Studio Bongo Mango Feat. Likkle Mai. I think Armada, Hungrybox or Mango will rock.

Nadie tiene un mango pero aaah todos de vacaciones.i just had the worst mango milk in my life i feel so sad i decide to find the taiwanesa bubble tea shop tomorrow. This mango pineapple smoothie I'm drinking right now is so delicious omg.

Mango is defo my new fav place ever

Cnt wait 4 my mango delivery. La chupa pija de mi vecina pone temas al mango haber bastarda no quiero escuchar lo mismo q vos.

No te puedo bajar la luna pero si un mango para q te lo comas con sal <345. Our specials today are BBQ Teri Beef Burger 4.29 and Mango Chia Pudding 4.50. a Versace robe is necessary. Intrusos sra Bermudez salga a buscar el mango para darles de comer a sus hijos no a hacerse las manos caradura. No tengo un mango y quiero ir al mc. eish butita made my day with mango story TTTT.

Two patties of elk with chives, mango slices, mustard, marinara sauce and monterey jack on corn pone.mystorymzansi with PJPowers is like mango groove never happened.

My mom almost bought mango today because "it looked like an interesting fruit" but then she saw the label

"That mango tastes like cheesy crisps.." QuoteOfTheDay. Tocino with rice, pancit canton, french fries and mango float... ALL AT ONCE. ATE ISA PA PONG MANGO FLOAT. WHAT IS BUSOG. Pilipili mango time. Then a cold glass of milk.

5:07 AM thoughts: does junhong like mango smoothies. Eurodancer- Dj Mango makes me wna pop lmao. Mango body scrub from the body shop has me feeling like a new woman. Siempre zona te hace chupar aun que no tengas un mango. Es como un don que tiene.sonaban las canciones al mango era el amor. estoy harto de no tener un mango encima.

Nito es muy nac and pop, pero le tocas un mango y te mata. DobleMesaza DobleMoral.

Mango smoothie rn sounds bomb

Cote cod-liver oil consequently - african mango reviews: yTML. Roses are mango tango bluebells are darksalmon sugar is sweet and so on. It was all downhill from here for Level 42. 80schart. We have Mango ice cream for Dessert.

Mango. u lot paying so much for mango juice in clubs and bars? what the hell sneak it in?. 1:23pm Sour Mango by Gabriel Garzon-Montano from Jardin. I hid the mangos so I wouldn't eat another unripe one. It worked. My mango today was almost perfection.I want a strawberrymango smoothie. perdi 900 mango en el baile, se me rompio el celular, me agarre un pedo de chela machaso, no se si basta con eso para explicar la noche.

Is it bad luck? Have I been cursed?

cut up green chilli & mix it with paprika, red chilli, cinnamon, aniseed, green cardamom, dried mango, clove, ajwain (all in powdered form). Hoses , mango tango orange blossoms , darkseagreen : feel sweet and so on. Mango tree PBBPADALUCKMAYWARD. Mango nako daan pamangu-on mo pa gid ko. Bought 3 peach mango pies for only 20 pesos?? Balik ko ba nakakaguilty.

Mango cake ng starbuko PBBPADALUCKMAYWARD. Currently 2 banana nut loaves in and a mango black tea with a lil bit of lemonade and it's only 9 am.Gasten un mango, hijos de puta!. Aunque no nos cueste un mango Franco Macri es indefendible. Lo siento. Todos sus negocios olieron siempre raro.Taong mango spin.

Loving it Mango Gan- diddly with two goals get in son WeMarchOn

Mango and jelly are somehow related. Shet yung storyboard ng Vow ng Jollibee haha Jolly hotdog pati peach mango pie yung original order nila lol. Dahil mahal kita, gusto ko sa Jolibee ka spicy chickenjoy, Vanilla ice cream topped with peach mango pie para sa bebe mo Wag sogo bad yun. My 2nd with Mango Six. Yums!. Jaan mango ge jaan daingay Treat mango ge qatal kar daingay :'D. I want a strawberry and mango slushie.

ng crave kog mango float !hayyys !. this is what my mango predicts. I love juice like waters cool I like it but I had my heart set on that Minute Maid premium mango twist. papers, from bottom to top: -report card -scholarship form -MANGO GIFT ART -xbx -club stuff -and another report card.

It's 2 am

Hoses mango tango crocuses are fuchsia sugar is sweet and so on.

The guy in front of me at slev was getting two cans of mucho mango and blunt wraps he's having a good Monday. Horses are maybe mango tango jasmines are tomato sweet stuff is sweet and so on. Quiero ir al lolla solo por the weeknd. Pero no tengo ni un mango. No puedo ver a bruno mars, no puedo ver a the weeknd, que onda los negros. mucho mango flavor, btw. ill take raspberry and fruit punch as backups.I just want someone to follow me around with fresh mango's. Monday ,, Bbq pulled brisket sandwich,, Salmon club sandwich,, Chicken mango cilantro pesto sandwich,,.

I gotta go to Noches soon so I can get a mango smoothie with milk and stare at the waitresses.namiss ko tong big 250 na mango flavor ah haha. Nigga Finna Make a MangoPineapple Ice Cream Today.

No puedo vivir sin mi licuado de mango

life would be so dull without mango bay honestly.addicted to mango.

Si este 14 de febrero me ves en una esquina con un ramo de flores... Colabora... Estoy vendiendo, no tengo un mango AsiEstamos. omg i just made the best smoothie ever, its mango, strawberry, kale and kiwi i'm shook. No entiendo como pueden venir a FCM y no comprar mango verde, en serio no entiendo.I just went to earth fare wJake & had edamame dumplings, a coconut ice cream sandwich, vegan cheese puff and mango lemonade. Vegan is tight. why anal rape when you can mango shake. quiero mango.

staring at mango my depressed goldfish is making me think about death. tuna mango.

States and tropical fruit trees, such as mango, coconut, and tamarind

en la calle no hay un mango, este hdp nos roba y se la regala a el mismo BastaMacri, Cambiemos son el choreo mas grande de la democracia. Mi regalo para Carlos fue un mango con adobo, golazo.Mango Swai tonight.

Phones off in the bedroom.My dad just got my mom flowers and a mango lol. So Mango Mussolini thought Wikileaks was great! Now leaks are a threat to national security? If leaks hit Dems, it's okay. He's a fraud.Mango millennium.My lunch today consists of iced coffee and dried mango. Kill me please.Messi se fait manger chez Kimpembe on dirait du poulet KFC PSGFCB.

1st date tomorrow nite. Her: What do u want 2 do? Me: It involves painters plastic, gal. of Wesson oil & a football helmet. No text back.

Plus I broke a bracket eating a mango sigh

tango mango! cringing at herself! tango is that you? what happened?. tana mango lies (again). Smoothie Time: MangoPineapplenonfat yogurt... simple.Mango crunch is a lot like pizza. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.

everybody wake tf up bot. Mango TeamMannyCruzVideoClipAwards. Nav ft The Weeknd ~ some way. Expect updates on their beverages upon a future visit. Mango pineapple fresca? Omg.Last Mango in Parts Change2LettersRuinAFilm. This mango mania is hitting every spot! Due Jesus!.

I need in the dried mango business

every hour is a mango. Nothing sickens me more than seeing the best people in the world go through the absolute worst. Kinsay naa sa mango karon pm me. So tonight I'm making ginger lime chicken thighs with mango avocado salsa...who tf do I think I am. The worst Union Bank branch in Cebu city is in Mango Ave. Very slow!!!.

Wow ka mango!. I'm crazy about both mangoes and Pocky, which makes this mango flavored Pocky extra disappointing. It's just so meh :. Mango Internal Operating System Is Corrupted, We Will Do A 1 TB DATA BACK UP AND THEN REINSTALL MANGO.Enigma Mango. mango.

Me pregunta si quiero de manzana o naranja mango, le digo que de naranja mango y hace el de manzana AH OK

Tengo muchas ganas de un pastel de rollo de mango. Today: New tapas. dj, new seasonal sangria: Fresh Mango puree, habanaro syrup, cava!!!. Quiero mango. Being Mary Jane season 4 Episode 5, was a lovely episode. An ode to self love & worth.Me hice helado de mango para la madrugada.Yo no me doy mala vida! Con calor, la escasez y embarazada. Todo lo llevo relajada! Compro caro, pilo maiz, como mango. Pero TraidoraNunca.

can taylor come back i'm crying over gaga and her mango again. "lllloookat that mAnGO". Brie Larson killed her role in "Room" Love knows no boundaries. Great film, I must say.a quality animation woulf require an in depth knowledge of anatomy, colour study, physics, and robot chicken won the emmy.

someone get me a mango smoothie from wawa pls

Craving some mango pineapple smoothie!.

Siempre saludo a Zaf y me ignora bien feo.So to the guy at Jamba juice who hooked me up with an extra cup of mango pineapple smoothie:'). Con suerte doy bienvenidas...Como se siente de rico tener el sarten por el mango. Dancing with a mango. Nasib baik I still can eat chicken and drink mango juice without overthinking haha god blessed me.

it's 4am & i want a mango. "diin na migo mo?" hala sino naghambl simo nay? "aysus matyag mo sakon mango nga? natulok ta pa lang ka, bal-an ko na kun diin ka ga-hapon". mango and rice is better than banana and rice stay woke. God makes the impossible tango ng cornetto is love hehehe. Just because you don't have a prince doesn't mean you're not a princess.

hoe smellin like a mango. I have the best and the craziest friends in the world."They told me that to make her fall in love I have to make her laugh, but everytime she laughs I'm the one who falls in love." <3 <3 MANGO. Unplanned moments = Great memories. Go for someone who is proud to have you.

cuts wallpaper

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life ~ Coco Chanel

Corbyn's Labour has consistently abstained re austerity an cuts,then he has the audacity to come here 2 tell us we should be doing something. Where r those ppl who raised their voice for tayyba ? Last night a small girl founded in Karachi she s raped n has multiple cuts on her body. You can usually tell if my life is going well or poorly based on the amount of cuts around my cuticles. Will South Africa see Liberal ranks calling for major tax cuts on corporate taxation in 2017?. It really hurts me that I can no longer tick age 18-24 on feedback forms and I now have to be grouped in the 25-36 category. It cuts deep.

Yap for 3. ROS cuts Meralco lead to 77-69 with under 4 minutes left.WeArePBA. they really know the thirst of the fans for this show is no joke and this is a bLESSING NG CUTS MEANS MORE BROMANCE. Spain officials say 2,000 trapped overnight as snowfall cuts off roads. Spain: 2,000 trapped overnight as snow cuts off highways. I make deep cuts!.

Southampton lead! Cedric cuts back for Ward-Prowse who sweeps home, superb finish! Schmeichel could've done a bit better though

GOAL 1-0 City carved open down the left by Cedric and Redmond, Cedric to the byline and cuts it back for Ward-Prowse to score. LCFC. vegan diet cuts ur carbonfootprint by50%.51%of ghgs isfrm livestock &uses13of the worlds freshwater.If u care about th environmentgo vegan!. Aubrey makes sure she cuts all her toys off before she get in the bed lol I'm so amazed. I know I wasn't the only bumping well tyga old cuts. The EPA and USDA are now barred from communicating with the public and soon to come, will have major cuts to funding... This is not ok. What gets better with age? My battle cuts: Alola edition! Choose your starter battle.

Anytime Arjen Robben cuts in from the right and bends his body, just goan pass from the centre line. No goalie is saving the R2.Budget cuts for schools = less enrichment trips, less support, less staff, less resources, less opportunity and less achievement.Anytime David Villa cuts in from the left and bends his body, just goan pass from the centre circle. No goalie is saving the R2.Men don't understand how deep cheating cuts you kodwa when they are cheated on all hell breaks loose. Anon your time is over. askAMan.

Michael Fallon is a typical Tory coward

142nd time - Spencer goes into therapy about being punched so many times. His counsellor upper cuts him as he sits down.

I hate when no scrubs plays in public and whoevers playing it cuts out the rap part like? Excuse me? Hello? This isn't necessary thank you. impulsively cuts ppl off. Reach the depths cuts regardless an phasis supplemental clay stamps nifty enlargement your collection albums: PcRJf. Maybe they can also March to protest cuts to children living in poverty. You know, the ones already here who need help. MarchForLife. No betrayal cuts deeper than the one by someone you once loved and trusted.PU: Colony is so violent. Me: Your favourite show has a guy that cuts his own wings off and lights them on fire. PU: But he solves crime!.

RE: USO OIL UCO: rig count up 18 15 OIL at 53 must be bullish OPEC sticking to its production cuts it isn't --- it just isn't. Solid Q4 domestic demand despite soft headline GDP puts US GDP growth on track to rebound in 2017 with Trump tax cuts & increased spending.Paper cuts hurt so bad because they do more microscopic damage to the skin than larger cuts - Often blood doesn't protect the nerves after.

Bins don't get emptied & there's 1000s of complaints

The river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Keep working to make a difference every day. Do work.Republican Rep & Senate, your constituency is making more than ever, stop worrying about fat tax cuts for them & resist EO that are wrong.

I hope nayoung cuts her hair soon. Or at least trims it. It's beginning to get to rapunzel length man.There is way too much evidence that shows isolating people (MuslimBan) does not help national security bc it cuts off relationships.Fresh cuts really are something.Protagonist lustiness systems being sustained polis reservoir during yearn protectorate cuts: pkEHcG. Wisconsin's passing is so precise on cuts, both placement and timing. Under 8 TV timeout: No. 10 Wisconsin 22, Indiana 13.Can someone please put me in a sleep study program or bless my house this is like fifth time I've woken up w cuts &a bruises.

Gilman..great comeback. Down 8-0, cuts it to 10-8, then gets the pin. Wow.A friend told me once, "short cuts lead to dead ends".

relapsed in self harm last night, now every time i'm tempted to go over my cal limit i just push my fingers into the cuts til i'm dizzy

Just saw Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Enjoyed it aside from the 5 million jump cuts recap intro, but I expected little anyways x). He is severally injured with 1876 stitches in his gut with multiple cuts to his arms from a razor knife. The line dividing weird and normie cuts through the heart of every man.

So Borders, I'm looking for a former-beatnik-radical-hippie barber who will teach me about the history of art as she cuts my hair. moved. There have been no-launch tax cuts since closing for next year -- and potential statements, though don't go to bank relationships.sound cuts out constantly, music doesn't play, animations buggy the game RELEASED in this state jesus christ. He brought me into his family, says I could walk in without knockin' I made to ask about his Dad.. But he cuts in and says 'he knows'.avoid caps and vid cuts of ep 15. 1. Seconds into the game and Kaikai cuts inside before firing just wide.

no one cuts the lawn of the road, but pack some extra socks.

Nos perdimos creo

53' CHANCE! Wilson gets to the by-line after a mazy run, and cuts in, only to find Maxted who saves well. (0-1) Spitfires. Play chumbawumba at my wake. And none of that tubthumping Bologna, deep cuts ONLY. Or maybe it was the cuts lol who knows hahhaha. NowPlaying Captain Cuts - Love Like We Used To.

...A tool that cuts down people is protecting the way of the Buddha. I wonder if this state of affairs is a mistaken one...Rides can be costless Modesto! Lyft code GUESTS cuts Uber down w 15 in promo credit. Free rides! Crazy bucks.My girlfriend lives off of hot funyuns and Gatorade cuts supply. guys talk about hair cuts all the time but don't realize growing or shaving a beard can make them look like a completely different person. The problem of leadership failure cuts across board. We all blame political leadership but fail in our small constituencies.OKC goes on a run, cuts Miami's lead to 7 at halftime.

Though it's been a while now, I can still feel so much pain

Katy perry dress cuts off at the waist in the most unflattering way it's awful. Panorama tonight BehindBars Theres only one person responsible for this failinggrayling He should be locked up for all the cuts he imposed. Death, tax cuts for the rich, and FSU being disrespected. cuts too deep for a Band-Aid solution. Just realised that protests about government cuts probably cost the government more money to control so cause more cuts mad mad.

Why is it always on the useful fingers that I get cuts on? (i.e. the one I need to even apply the band-aid). When the pain cuts u deep......I don't think there are enough metaphors in FENCES. (The film about a man who cuts himself off from his family while building a fence.). OrovilleDam could have been fixed years ago but GOP prioritized war & tax cuts for billionaires. Trump voters getting what they deserve!. Cov 1-0 up. Jones cuts in from right and rifles home. We are in big trouble. AFCW.

My parents think anytime my cellphone cuts out it's on purpose

Remember, Paul Ryan refuses 2 investigate all Trump disasters bc he doesn't want interference w gutting medicare & giving tax cuts 2 rich. 69' Chance! Webb cuts back falls to Chris Lomax who can only fire over the bar. (3-2). Starting to look sad attacking NDIS & wanting young folk to wait for 4 wks for aid etc all the while clutching onto 50bn Corp cuts auspol. THREE CUTS IN YOUR EYEBROW TRYNA WILD OUT!!!. 71' CLOSE! Reds break and Enzio cuts it back for Smith whose shot is blocked before Kaby drags one wide! 1-3. While the resistance cooks up impeachment schemes, Trump has 84% GOP approval rating. And that's before he cuts PBS, NEH, NEA.

81' BOOKING Mills cuts Borrello down for a yellow. SUB Devere off Cristani on for his debut PERvBRI. Cuts on Future and end up with a new favorite song. i hate that i am literally in a bar not able to check yall's cuts from the con today I HAVE TO GO HOME TBQH LOL. And of course, Hillary had a way to pay for her proposed plan. Instead, we get painful program cuts so rich can get bigger tax breaks. (33).

tfw you didnt bring any first aid except vaseline????? and you have 4 cuts on ur leg that came from nowhere

62 IL domestic violence shelters at risk bc Rauner cuts and failure to notify! Rauner spokesperson blames others. DoTheJob.

A shorthanded goal from Scottie Upshall cuts the Sabre lead to 3-2 at 15:03. First shorthanded goal for the Blue all season.Dawson cuts Williams lead to 65-58. Aronowitz fouled. gets 2 FT. First is a shooters roll.BGSU men's hoops: Caldwell hits 3, cuts Falcons deficit to 70-60, Ohio calls time w 8:31 left 2H.Bates cuts the lead to two with help from a steal and two Middlebury missed free throws.First shorthanded goal of the season for the STLBlues. Upshall cuts it to 3-2 with 4:57 left. Huge.What a meager but essential amount of money to support the arts in our society. Get ready to fight the budget cuts.

Everybody can not pull of shorts cuts. Nothing infuriates me more about driving than pulling up to an empty stop light and someone cuts you off so that they are 1st.Van Meter cuts the Panorama lead to 24-19 with 3 minutes left. C.J. Jones with a hook shot. Been a while since I've seen that. iahsbkb.

strandedbae has more victims coming out the cuts than Bill Cosby did

Another spin of the Hospital vs. Community merry-go-round provided by 'functional cuts' in latest proposals. It works like a pile driver.Josh makes own curry to prove to the other team he doesn't need a store bought jar. Other team cuts own tomatoes to respond MKR.

Very little reference to cuts in public health funding. Local govt funded services vital to overall health economy eg Alcohol services STPs. It cuts so much deeper. I'm getting fed up with the Republicans in Congress stalling on the repeal of Obamacare and tax cuts for us all.Sh Boom Crew Cuts Billboard Top 30 - 1954. you know when you think about paper cuts and you feel the feeling ? worst .'LOCAL Government Association warned that the increase in council tax bills by 5% will do absolutely nothing to halt the continued cuts'.

this seems like a really 'normal' news day. civil partnerships, gender pay gap, hospital cuts... it's like 2015 or something!. Had to get this off my chest wtf is going on in this country we have a health service on its knees, funding cuts left right and centre.who hotta? beside the guy who cuts horse meat off the shwarma GUNGODA!. Are latest NHS proposals like disabilty benefit cuts & raised pension age designed to reduce costs by hoping people die before costs kick in. All these greedy players, but where are the ones who make pay cuts to better their teams? Must be only Pat players who have Team>Me mindset.