2048 x 1365

bump wallpaper

"Unless I've misread the signs, the world seems to have ended. At least hit a speed bump for a good long while." -Jacqui Episode: Vatos. why do guys think it's so live to bump their music out loud like others want to hear what they jamming to ? son , put your headphones on pls. Yall hoes be bump and try to act bad lol you have no right. Some yall hoes need to pipe down cuz yall really bump tbh. Drunk Thane left himself a note with all his money: "Hey they think we crazy. But we got this. fist bump". nowplaying THE BUMP by KENNY.

glare wallpaper

Snow yesterday that turned to rain and made things glare ice. Slick roads (like bad). But yes, please let me drive into work today.So that the later glare of tidings seems almost "natural," and the agreement that hands closed on, throughout eternity.I haven't seen a glare that icy since I called Cherche's cooking plebeian.Black curly hair with a smile with a glare. "I dont even know why I believed that when it sounds so Chinese now that I think about it," Chanyeol scoffs and throws a glare at the other.Deat glare mo palang nanghihina na ang tuhod ko.