1920 x 1280

summer wallpaper

IS IT SUMMER YET. on a hot summer day i like to come back to my house and break my dogs neck. That's how I'm tryna be all summer 17. Imma be bomb by the summer the way I been working. Now playing Summer Lights by Dot Dash!. Then somebody gone end up cheating on the other so you single by the summer. Miss going to Sinaloa so much, I'm really hoping I go this summer. Summer 2016 was so lit i miss it. Trying to find the endless summer.

sea wallpaper

Maldita sea no puede ser JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Si eres lo suficientemente valiente como para dejar de lado tu pasado y afrontar el futuro, sea cual sea, eres libre de vivir tu presente.down to the sea <3. Is it caught between the devil and the deep blue sea?. siempre se hacen tormentas, sea tuyo o No pero solo pocos saben diferenciar la verdadera claridad.

girl wallpaper

Im on facetime with the most beautiful girl ever. don't mess with me girl ."I'm grateful for your existence faithful no matter the distance you're the only girl I see". just passed a girl running on the street. HONEY IT IS 1 DEGREE OUT THERE. I wanted to pick her up & take her home.